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MCPE/Bedrock Fry’s Nether Update (V 1.2)  

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Fry’s Nether Update (V 1.2)

This Mod adds 12 blocks to the game, one item, and replaces the chain-mail armor. The purpose of this mod is so bedrock players can have access to the new nether items while we wait for the beta to arrive.

Blocks added (12):

– Crimson Stem (Will be directional eventually)

– Crimson Planks

– Warped Stem (Will be directional eventually)

– Warped Planks

– Basalt (Will be directional eventually)

– Crimson Nylium

– Warped Nylium

– Shroomlights (Light block)

– Soul Soil

– Ancient Debris (Will be directional eventually)

– Netherite

– Colored Netherite (Light block)

Colored Netherite is based off the netherite textures made by u/nongfu88. As of right now it doesn’t serve purpose (other than emitting light) but will eventually have its own tool and armor set (Will also be based of  these by nongfu.

Items Replaced (4):

– Chainmail Helmet has been replaced with Netherite Helmet

– Chainmail Chestplate has been replaced with Netherite Chestplate

– Chainmail Leggings have been replaced with Netherite Leggings

– Chainmail Boots have been replaced with Netherite Boots

(Netherite armor and tools based off the designs of u/CoolnessWizard

Items Added:

  • Netherite Sword

Known Bugs:

  • Netherite Armor does not have added protection yet
  • Netherite Sword currently only does 1/2 heart of damage
  • The only way to get a Netherite Sword is through the command “/give @p fry:beta_netriswo”
  • Netherite Sword cannot be enchanted
  • The animated textures for Crimson Stems and Warped Stems aren’t rendering


All bugs are currently being worked on, and I am working on adding the foliage (Vines, Roots, and Fungi). Once the official nether beta comes out, this mod is going to be upgraded into a building mod, focused on adding new blocks for players who want more variety for their builds. The aim is to make everything useable in creative and survival, so that players can have hundreds more blocks to build with.

searching “b.” in the creative menu will show all of the additions for the mod. This is done so that when the actual beta comes out, You can differentiate between the blocks in this mod and the actual blocks from the beta.

Except the Sword which can only be obtained through this command (bug)

  • Introduction edited for typos (Mod adds 12 blocks not 10)
  • Changed name to Fry's Nether Update
  • Added Mirror Downloads (If first links don't work)
  • Changed formatting (Bolded Section names)
  • Changed Thumbnail to fit new name
  • Added credit to the redditors who's designs were borrowed (with permission)



Posted : 12/02/2020 3:36 pm