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MCPE/Bedrock Boom Box Addon

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Boom Box Addon

This addon adds the new block the Boom Box. This addon adds another way to play music beside using a jukebox. This block doesn't use the disk but new items called tapes. 


The tapes contains music that might be familiar to you. Have you heard any background music while traveling in minecraft that you would like to listen to. There might be a tape for that!

To get started craft the Boom Box block.

After crafting you would need a tap to play music on it. Not to worry because crafting the Boom Box also gives you a tape bundle.

For now there is only 1 tape bundle (Tape Bundle [Overworld]).

Use this item to obtain the tapes be sure to have a lot of space in your inventory (13 slots).

To play music Right Click/Tap on the Boom Box while holding a tape

You will know the Boom Box is working when it produces note particles. While the Boom Box is playing music you will not be able to destroy it. To retrieve the tape simply Right Click/Tap on the Boom Box the tape will pop out and the music will stop.

Destroying the Boom Box in creative while it is playing will not stop the music.

In the future updates I will add more music.


  • Turn on Experimental Mode


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