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MCPE/Bedrock Connected Glass Addon (Added Additional Subpacks)

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Connected Glass Addon (Added Additional Subpacks)


This Addon adds fully-automatic-connected-glass to Minecraft Bedrock Edition. This Addon doesn’t replace vanilla original glass. As far as i know, we are currently unable to edit vanilla block’s behavior. So i made additional glass instead of editing the vanilla ones. You can get them by opening the creative inventory, or craft them.



Images Preview :

All glass colors.


My flag 😀


    You don’t have to confuse about /give @p command, or other commands, because this addon adds fully automatic glass. When you place the glass, and you place glass beside it / around it. they will be connected automatically (Just like Minecraft Java Optifine i think).

How it works :

    You don’t have to read this if you can’t understand :). Ok, as i know, we are currently unable to detect other block position. So i use the entitiy instead block as a detector, so every time you place the glass, entity will spawn inside it, it called detector. If you want to see the detectors, run “/function show_detector” command. and if you want to hide them, run “/function hide_detector“.


These pictures show what the detector looks like.


    So the detector looks like camera. They are used to detect the other glass around them (i use “query.relative_block_has_any_tags”) so you don’t have to confuse about /give or /setblock anymore, because it will connect automatic. As i know, too much entity will cause lag, so if you place too many glass, there will be too much entities. Therefore, you must run “/function remove_detector” command, with this command we can despawn the detectors. But before you do that make sure you are done with your glass. Because when you run the command, and you place a new glass block, the glass that you have placed before will no longer interact with the glass anymore. it’s very confusing to understand 😀



    But if you accidentally did it, don’t worry you just have to get a stick from your inventory and right click (for mouse user) or tap (for phone user) the glass you want to get the detector back to it. With the stick we can get the glass-detector back, so the glass will interact again.

How to get them :

    In the creative mode, you can get them in the “construction” panel.

    In the survival mode, you can get them with crafting. Just craft the vanilla glass



Important :

    1. You have to turn on “Holiday Creator Features” and “Additional Modding Capabilities” in the world settings.

    2. Every time you place the glass, the entity will spawn inside it. To remove them, run command “/function remove_detector” but if you place new glass, the glass will not connect properly. To fix it, get stick on your inventory, and right click (for mouse user) or tap (for mobile user) the glass.


    3. This glass will not interact with beacon beam.

    4. No glass pane yet. I will add it soon maybe. so keep supporting me by not reuploading this pack. :))

Texture pack support :

    This addon actually support other texture packs applied higher (in the resourcepack list) than it, but it’s very confusing to explain it. Maybe you can ask with resource pack developer for this, because if i explain this, it will be very long explanation. Maybe i will explain it soon :D. Here is the example picture comparison.


    Instead, i added subpacks to the resource pack. So you can change the glass texture now, if you are bored with the basic glass texture. I added 4 subpacks, those are default glass, clear glass, old texture glass, and black-bordered glass.

    Note : “black-bordered” texture only change the plain-glass texture. It’s not affecting stained glass like red stained glass, blue, lime, etc.

Command list :


1. /function remove_detector

2. /function show_detector

3. /function hide_detector 


Disclaimer ! ! !

1. Don’t repost this addon on any website (even on mcbedrock)
2. Don’t modify this pack (you may modify this pack, but for personal use / don’t share the modification pack)
3. If you want to review this pack on youtube, don’t share the direct link. Share this mcbedrock link instead  :))


v 1.0.1

Added additional 4 subpacks :

-> Basic glass

-> Clear glass

-> Old glass

-> Black-bordered glass



It is recommended to remove the previous version (either from the game or from the world), then install the new one.

creator: Habib_Anwash



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