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MCPE/Bedrock Elemental Weapons (1.13+)  

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Elemental Weapons (1.13+)

How does the game feel when you need more power? Or do you need more weapons to complete your arsenal? This add-on adds 12 new weapons into the game and they have their own individual peculiar abilities. Each ranging from utility to straight destruction, they have their own drawbacks to prevent them from being too powerful. Treasures such as ‘Spell tiles’ can be found in chests from the nether, mineshafts, treasures, and more.


To activate the abilities of these weapons, sneak and attack.

Spell tiles

These ingredients are used to craft the elemental weapons using the amalgam pillar.

Where to obtain:

  • Monster room (igloo):
    • Glacier breaker
    • Hail-master
    • Polar winds
  • End city: 
    • Void burst
    • Meteor fist
    • Solar strike
  • Stronghold library:
    • Ipo-ipo
    • Sonic gust
    • Solar strike
  • Dungeon:
    • Sonic gust
  • Treasure: 
    • Ipo-ipo
  • Nether Fortress:
    • Blast quake
  • Jungle temple:
    • Atomic wave
  • Abandoned mineshaft:
    • Earth shaker

How to obtain:

The amalgam pillars are available in these stone types:

  • Smooth stone
  • Smooth granite
  • Smooth diorite
  • Smooth granite

Follow the steps to craft the elemental weapons.

  1. Place down an “Amalgam pillar”.
  2. Add 4 spell tiles to the amalgam pillar.
  3. Add a diamond sword to the pillar to complete the crafting process.
  4. Simply take the item from the pillar to receive your elemental weapon.

You can also place them!

To place them, use the “Item ground ( Elemental weapons )” and interact with any item from the add-on to display them.


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Posted : 21/11/2019 3:21 pm