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MCPE/Bedrock Ice Mobs Add-on  

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Ice Mobs Add-on

If you like frozen biomes this add-on is for you, it adds seven ice mobs so you can have more fun on the ice, the mobs of the add-on have a frozen look and are similar with some mobs already known in the game.

The mobs behave similarly to similar mobs in the game, but they all have a weakness, the light of day makes them melt because they are made of ice, there is also a chance they will leave blocks of ice when they are defeated.

Mobs added:

  • Glaze
  • Ice creeper
  • Ice skeleton
  • Ice witch
  • Ice zombie
  • Ice Man
  • Snow Man
  • Snow spider

The ice witch attacks with poison potion, the glaze attack the player with snowballs, the Ice Creeper has the same behavior as a normal Creeper, the skeleton has the behavior of the skeleton wither, but uses a diamond sword to attack and snow man uses melee attack.


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  • Added Snow Spider
  • Added attack animation for snow man
  • Added Explosion Effect to Ice Creeper
  • New texture for the iceman



Posted : 21/11/2019 3:16 pm