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MCPE/Bedrock New Trader Piglins V2

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New Trader Piglins V2

This new version brings you new trades and levels so that you can trade more with the piglins, I made it look something like the trades equal to the villagers, good luck


Warning: the only ones who trade are Piglins and Gross Piglins. Subscribe to my channel, I speak Spanish

Are you tired of always trading with the villagers? Well, now this add-on brings you levels and new trades with piglins where you can trade with the following Piglin Gross Piglin and if you don't want to, they continue to trade you as before, I got this idea as the addon that the youtuber invictor uploaded



for correct use of this addon you must activate the three experimental functions and activate cheats

Topic starter Posted : 09/06/2021 3:51 pm