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MCPE/Bedrock Ore Sheep Add-On v2  

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Ore Sheep Add-On v2


This Addon adds 16 new types of sheep to your world, They spawn naturally in the wild and you are also able to transform a regular sheep into a new type of ore sheep. That drop ore blocks when sheared


This Addon will add 16 new types of sheep
-Diamond Ore Sheep    -Dirt Sheep
-Emerald Ore Sheep     -Gravel Sheep
-Gold Ore Sheep            -Sand Sheep
-Iron Ore Sheep               -Stone Sheep
-Lapis Ore Sheep            -Magma Sheep
-Redstone Ore Sheep    -Netherrack sheep
-Coal Ore Sheep            -Obsidian Sheep

-Quartz Sheep                -Soul Sand Sheep

How to Shear Them:
-These sheep cannot be sheared using shears, They each require a specific item to shear them, some require a pickaxe and others require a shovel to be able to shear them.

How to get them:
There is a few ways to get them
-You can transform a regular sheep by feeding them any of these blocks
1. Diamond Block    8. Quartz Block     15. Netherrack
2. Emerald Block     9. Dirt
3. Gold Block            10. Gravel
4. Iron Block              11. Sand 
5. Lapis Block           12. Stone
6. Redstone Block    13. Magma Block
7. Coal Block             14. Magma Block

-They Spawn naturally everywhere a regular sheep spawn

-Some will only Spawn in specific biomes, Sand Sheep only spawn in the desert and others only spawn in the nether

-They are also available in the creative inventory

-You can also breed all of them using wheat.

-You can also now combine a few of them together to make different types of sheep

-Breeding a stone and magma sheep will make an Obsidian Sheep

-Gravel and Dirt sheep will make a Sand Sheep

-Sand and Ntherrack sheep will make a Soul Sand Sheep


-Added 9 New types of sheep

-Added new way to combine certain sheep

-Fixed Breeding

creator :B0NY434445


Posted : 02/06/2020 4:35 pm