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MCPE/Bedrock Unofficial Hard-Mode Patch v1.0 By NightwalkerLots  

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Unofficial Hard-Mode Patch v1.0 By NightwalkerLots


This is not recommended for casual gameplay. This addon is designed to make you struggle through every second of combat and adventure. Ever had Minecraft feel too easy and wanted a REAL challenge. This addon will far surpass that desire of yours and make you even rethink it at times. I present to you, a difficulty beyond what you’re vocabulary calls, “Hard”.


raft Addon Founder: Nightwalkerlots

Twitter- @Lastofthesorrow

Insta- nightwalker_lots

The addon is now open source! View Github and compile your own .mcaddon file before official updates role out. (May experience unpolished features)

 Join Unity’s discord server  (fastest way to contact us)

It is recommended this add-on be a stand-alone and to use it in a fresh world. Some things may not work as intended if you apply this to an already existing world, or if you use it with other add-ons that make changes to vanilla mobs.

This add-on contains so many features it’s hard to fit them all on this page!-Stronger Enemies

-Food is so much more valuable

-The tech-tree is so much harder to progress past stone age

-Overhauls to crafting recipes and loot

Here’s a sneak peak!


You can see all the new crafting recipes and features in the change log by clicking HERE


This add-on, as well as others we have made, can be found on our website!



-Fixed manifest

-Tridents now smelt down into prismarine_crystals when using a blast_furnace

-Zombie chasing speed is a bit faster

-raised the health and chase speed for zombies and Creepers

-Increased chances and amount of endermite that spawn from a ender pearl

-Saddles now have a crafting recipe

-crossbows now have a crafting recipe

-Blazes reworked to fix crashes

(Blaze health raised to 65, higher attack range, and shoot 8 fireballs instead of 3 at higher frequency)

-All diamond tools now need a blaze rode instead of a stick to craft

-Removed option to craft flesh into leather

-All iron tools now need iron Blocks

-Made a crafting recipe for enchanted_golden_apple

-Gave more uses and effects to honey foods. Honey bottles now remove slowness as well as grant regeneration but give weakness

-Buffed vindicators

-Golden Carrots now give regeneration you but cause weakness

-polarbears and pigs are now hostile

-Pigs have a chance to drop Carrots and gold_nuggets

-Mobs will now drop their heads. Surrounding a mob head with gold will give you a enchanted apple

-added recipe for blaze rod

-Iron Golems are now hostile to the player

-Buffed loot in end cities, pyramids, and mineshafts.

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Xbox support has been discontinued due to Microsoft recently patching the method for porting add-ons/textures to the platform.


Posted : 02/06/2020 4:33 pm