MCPE/Bedrock Trains! Add-on (Vanilla Edition)  

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Trains! Add-on (Vanilla Edition)

With this addon, now you can connect minecarts together and make trains! And also, you can add carts as many as you want, extend the train as long as your render distance can reach! ^.^

Creator: Da_4Th_Edge 

So, what’s in this addon?:

  • Minecarts are now leashable
  • 4 new tools to connect minecarts together (custom items, stackable[20 per slot], one-time use)

How to obtain?:

You can obtain these 4 tools both in survival and creative mode by using crafting table. Here’s the recipes ⬇

Or, you can go to creative and get them using these commands⬇

/give @s minecart_coupler

/give @s chest_minecart_coupler

/give @s hopper_minecart_coupler

/give @s tnt_minecart_coupler

How to use?:

  • Load and add the addon files
  • Turn on Experimental Gameplay (otherwise you can’t get custom items in-game)


This is the significance of this add-on, minecarts are connected to each others!

Although one problem, leash animation is not rendered, I’ll try to fix that in the future update.


▪Changed the download link

▪Added a new .zip link (adfree)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 - 1.13

Posted : 10/09/2019 11:19 am