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MCPE/Bedrock Valkyries+ // A Robotic Bodyguard Addon

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Valkyries+ // A Robotic Bodyguard Addon


Iron golems letting you down? Sick of constantly crafting them? Sick of their BORING nature?? Like ROBOTS? like DEFENCE ROBOTS??? Like DEFENSE robots with ABILITIES??? OH BOY I got something for you.

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Straight to Download

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Welcome to Valkyries+, a spin-off to an addon of mine called “The Cyber Valkyrie”. This addon basically has the same premise as it, but has way more and elaborate features. But if you haven’t downloaded it:

This addon adds three tameable robotic Valkyries to the game that can be used for a lot of things, from specializing in fighting to being able to soar the skies before having access to an elytra, these Valkyries will (hopefully) make your life easier.

Not only that, but more Valkyries are gonna be added overtime, each being more different and unique than the last.

In order for this addon to work you will NEED these experimental toggles on.

These are the currently available chapters for this addon.

Basic Information:

While each chapter will have different ways of obtaining valkyries, some basic information is needed before you dive in because these items are going to be utilized in every chapter.

Chapter I has all the basic information you need to know to summon, tame, and activate the abilities of these robots. while obtaining them may be different in future updates, the way you tame and use their abilities will not.


Chapter I: Assembly

Chapter I: Assembly

This is the first update ever of Valkyries+, introducing the main three valkyries and introducing the premise of the addon.

In chapter one, 

Destroyed Valkyries

These mobs are a big part of the first chapter as they give you the materials needed to move forward and get yourself a Valkyrie. They can be found walking the overworld like normal hostile mobs do.

Before you get your hands on a Valkyrie, you’re going to need a couple things. 


Valkyrie Crystals

Now, you might have noticed that when you craft a Deployer, A Strike Tag or an Activator it’ll show up as “Null”. To activate these items, you’re going to need a Valkyrie Crystal. When put into a crafting table with a null object, the item will turn on and can be used for any Valkyrie you assigned it to.

They are basically the same recipe, but they have small differences.

Hildr’s Crystal is made with a Netherite Scrap.

Kara’s Crystal is made with a Phantom Membrane.

Eir’s Crystal is made with a Ghast Tear.



Now, in order to SPAWN any of the Valkyries, you’re going to need one of (or all of) the deployers. As of now there are three possible deployers you can craft.

When crafted and placed on the floor, you will spawn the corresponding Valkyrie linked to the 



If you spawn a Valkyrie, you might notice that they are in a sort of sleeping position. That’s because you need to activate it. 

To activate a Valkyrie you’re going to need to craft a null Activator, then use a crystal to activate it.


Strike Tags

One more thing. Each Valkyrie has an ability assigned to it. To set off each ability, you’re going to need a strike tag. Once a strike tag is crafted, put the corresponding crystal in for whatever Valkyrie you want and you’re ready.

To use a valkyries ability, simply use the tag to the corresponding Valkyrie.


Valkyrie Overview.

Once all of that is done, you are ready to get yourself a Valkyrie! 

Each Valkyrie is different in their own ways, having different stats and different abilities. But I’ll point out what they all have in common.

  • They fall asleep when spawned. You have to tame them to activate them.
  • They all attack hostile mobs.
  • They can be healed with Iron Ingots and Iron Nuggets

Hildr, Valkyrie of Battle

  • 300 Health (100 Hearts)
  • 20 Attack (10 Hearts)
  • Lowest Move Speed
  • Ability: Battle Cry.
  • Ability Cooldown: 20s

Introducing Hildr, The Valkyrie of Battle.

This Valkyrie specializes in Fighting. With the Highest health bar, slowest speed, and best ability. This Valkyrie is the go to when you want to throw hands with mobs! (Excluding flying enemies)

Ability: Battle Cry.

Hildrs Ability is called Battle Cry. When enabled, all players in a nine block radius will be given regeneration on resistance for 10 seconds. When the ability is over, a 20 second cooldown will start.

Kara, Valkyrie of Travel

  • 250 Health (75 Hearts)
  • 15 Attack (7 Hearts)
  • Fastest Move Speed
  • Ability: Soar
  • No Ability Cooldown

Introducing Kara, The Valkyrie of Travel.

This Valkyrie specializes in Travel. With a pretty mid health bar, fastest travel speed, and soaring ability, this Valkyrie is a good friend to have in your travels.

Note: I know what you’re thinking. “Dark, aren’t elytras faster?” Yes. This is a good way to get around before the end of the game. It’s perfect for the people who don’t rush to the end of the game.

Ability: Soar

Kara’s Ability doesn’t exactly has a name but has an action. When enabled, she will put the nearest player in her back and soar off into the air. 

Eir, Valkyrie of Healing

  • 300 Health (50 Hearts)
  • 8 Attack (4 Hearts)
  • Moderate Move Speed
  • Ability: Purify

Ability Cooldown: 20s

Introducing Eir, The Valkyrie of Healing.

This Valkyrie specializes in healing. With the lowest health bar, moderate speed, and a heartfelt ability. Do NOT bring it to a fight as it will get snapped in half like a twig but is ideal for a situation where you need a medic!

Ability: Purify

Eir’s ability is called “Purify”. When used, she will spaz out and emit particles from her palms. While she’s doing that, all players in a nine block radius will be given resistance and regeneration.

Chapter II, Ragnarok Pt. I

Chapter II, pt. I: Ragnarok

This is Chapter II of this addon, adding two Valkyries based off of Hrist and Mist from God of War: Ragnarok.?nbsp;

This update also fixes things from the first chapter, which can be seen in the changelog.

Getting Started

In order to meet the new Valkyries, you’re going to visit the nether, the soulsand valley to be exact. In the souls and valley you are going to find a mob called a “Lava Elemental”. He has a little bit more damage and health than a normal zombie, but there’s a twist.

When set on fire, he will explode. Then the two new Valkyries will emerge from his ashes. 

H.R.1.S.T & M.1.S.T Fight

H.R.1.S.T and M.1.S.T are the main two bosses of this update. They are summoned from setting a lava elemental on fire in the soulsand valley.

  • 200 Health (100 Hearts)
  • 12 Attack Damage (Melee Mode)
  • 12 Attack Damage (Slam Attack)
  • 30 Attack Damage (Boulder Throw)

H.R.1.S.T is the valkyrie of shake and quake. She has the most “organized” attacks of the two. But don’t let that fool you. She does a lot of damage if not prepared.

  • 200 Health (100 Hearts)
  • 12 Attack Damage (Melee Attack)
  • 12 Attack Damage (Slam Attack)
  • 6 Attack Damage (Poison Dart Attack. Also inflicts poison)
  • 8 Attack Damage Per Tick (Spin Attack)

M.1.S.T is the Valkyrie of “Mist” or “Clouds”. She has the most rapid attacks of the two. One thing to note is her spin attack.

When she starts spinning, she will damage you every in game tick. When hit, she will be stunned for a good amount of time

Phase II

When a Valkyrie gets to 25% health, they will both fly together regen their health. They will then gain a speed and damage boost. 

They will not do this again, so you are free to take them down after they do this.



When defeated, both of them will drop a Ragnarök crystal. Just like the crystals in chapter I, they can be used to activate digistructers, activators, and strike tags.

When the activator is used, both of them will spawn. You will need two activators to enable them. 

They both act kind of like a buffed H.I.L.D.R, they both specialize in fighting abilities but with a twist. When close up to an enemy, they will use a melee attack. But when a distance away from a enemy, the with throw their respective projectiles at the mob.

When the Ragnarok Strike Tag is used around them, they will go into their regeneration stage and heal themselves. They will also gain a strength and speed buff for 25 seconds.


Chapter II, Ragnarok Pt. II

Chapter II, Pt. II: Ragnarok

This is part two of chapter two of this addon update, fixing / adjusting some things while adding the final Valkyrie of this chapter.?nbsp;

Getting Started

Yup! Back in the soulsand valley.

When walking in the nether, you might notice campfires randomly placed around. When approached, they will explode and G.N.4 will emerge. When you are ready to fight her, simply start attacking her and the fight will start. 

G.N.4 Fight

  • 700 Health
  • 18 Damage (Melee Mode)
  • 12 Damage (Summon Attack)
  • 20 Damage (Slam Attack)
  • 15 Damage Per Tick (Spin Attack)

Netherite Armor is HIGHLY recommend for this fight.
G.N.4 Is the queen of the ragnarok Valkyries, and by default the toughest one. She attacks like H.R.1.S.T & M.1.S.T except switches attacks faster and hits way harder.

When defeated, she will give you G.N.4 Valkyrie Crystals. Which can then be combined with null Deployers, Activators, and Strike Tags to give you her items.


When tamed, she will act similarly to Hildr, The Valkyrie of Battle. Except she uses all of her attacks she uses during her boss fight.

When her strike tag is used, she will then summon tamed versions of H.R.1.S.T and M.1.S.T. Which will then fight along with you, and their abilities can also be used as well. They will explode after 20 seconds.

Final Notes 

You are allowed to showcase my addon or use it or even look at and or use the code. All I ask is that you credit me.



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