Twilight Forest Mod (Addon)  

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Twilight Forest Mod (Addon)

The Twilight Forest Mod adds a new densely forested biome to explore covered with immense trees, and new vegetation. With many new weapons, like staffs and swords, new tools, foods, and a whole new boss, the Twilight Forest Mod adds a whole new level to the game!  


Creator: DiamonC 

Original PC Mod: Benimatic 

What’s New? 

The Twilight Forest Biome can be found naturally generating in your world. You  can currently find 2 types of trees, and some other vegetation like bushes and ferns. Also, you can currently find vanilla livestock roaming around (Cow, Pig, ect.) 


New Structures: 

Currently there are 2 different trees: 

Canopy Tree – 


Darkwood Tree – 

The Torchberry Bush can also be found and drops the edible torchberries

New Blocks: 

-Canopy Log & Leaves

-Darkwood Log & Leaves

-Torchberry Bush

New Items: 

Fiery Set:

all fiery tools can be crafted with a fiery ingot (currently only obtainable in Creative)

Torchberries – 

Edible berries found in Torchberry Bushes.

New Boss:

Twilight Litch! (From Twilight Litch Addon by Dev Drone)

The Twilight Litch can be summoned in creative only, and can teleport, do illusions, magic, and much more!

The Twilight Litch has 100 HP, and may drop:

either the

  • twilight scepter
  • zombie scepter


  • regeneration scepter

Which currently have no function, and are W.I.P.s

Future Plans:

  • Ur-Ghast
  • Steeleaf set of tools
  • Wild Boar
  • Penguin
  • Wild Deer


I currently have the models ready For all future planned (so far) mobs, but am unable to add them in. If you would like to contribute, please let me know via comments (for now). 


  1. Download .mcaddon file
  2. Import to Minecraft
  3. Add Resource and Behavior Packs to (preferably) a new world
  4. Turn on Experimental Gameplay!
  5. Enjoy!


Supported Minecraft versions


Posted : 12/08/2019 5:40 pm
New Member

when i try to downlaod the addons it says error and has a bunch of text. plz fix!

Posted : 13/08/2019 8:14 pm