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MCPE/Bedrock Celestia Network | NEW MODES | Many Games, Many People, Many Possibilities

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Celestia Network | NEW MODES | Many Games, Many People, Many Possibilities


Celestia is the server network you have been searching for, whether it be for the people or the amazing gamemodes. We have something for everyone, and updates always coming with cool new stuff. You can find many new experiences here, from braving the wilderness on custom survival, exploring a dungeon in prison, or getting higher skills in skyblock, there's always something to do and someone to meet. Our server is cross-platform so you can play on any version, any device.



Celestia has many gamemodes for you to play! There is custom survival, skyblock, tower defense, parkour and more!

The server-wide features are:
- /music - play from a music selection of 300+ songs, all in Minecraft.
- Bedrock/java compatible, anyone can play
- /room <language> for non english speakers to communicate with the sub-communities you can find here.
- Discord <-> Minecraft chat sync

Now lets get on to the games!

Custom Survival - "Bitter Wild:

Custom survival is a whole different experience from vanilla. You really have to try it out.
- Resets every week for a fresh new experience
- Thirst, Custom Enchantments, Temperature and Weight systems
- Land claiming/factions
- Custom recipes and items
- Skills
- Custom world generation with many structures
- Not all players need to sleep for the night to skip.
- Dungeons
- Bloodmoons
- Natural disasters and many random happenings 


Prison has many new gameplay mechanics that work together to make a fun experience.
- 26 mines
- Bosses
- Dungeons
- Custom items
- Server shops
- Crates (not p2w, you get them from gameplay)
- PVP areas 
- Cells
- Custom enchants



Skyblock just got a big update, with stuff such as:
- Sever shop
- Daily rewards
- Spawners
- Island options
- Coop islands
- Auction house
- Custom enchants, items and armor
- Jobs
- Backpacks

Elytra Racing:

Elytra racing offers fun gameplay in a competitive environment.
- 4 maps
- Music to accompany the racing
- Leaderboards and race with friends
- Very fun

Tower defense:

Tower defense has gameplay you likely haven't seen anywhere else!
- Many maps
- Coop or versus games
- Bosses
- Stats
- Leaderboard
- Prestige
- Upgrades
- Classes
- Difficulty



Parkour is infinitely generating parkour that is great for practicing or trying to get a spot on the leaderboard
- Themes
- Difficulties
- Leaderboard
- Settings to tweak your gameplay


There's other game modes that i haven't mentioned here, so you will just have to play to find out what they are.


So what are you waiting for? Join us!


Si habla español, tenemos un servidor de discordia en español en:


  • added new modes
    - Custom survival: "Bitter Wild"
    - Elytra Racing
  • very poggers update

Server Name: CelestiaMC

Map: CelestiaMC

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