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MCPE/Bedrock Celestia

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Celestia is a community driven server with skyblock and survival-based, anti-cheat, anti-stealing and anti-griefing Bedrock and Java crossplay server with lots of cool perks, and a fun Discord server that makes chatting and hanging out much easier! This is one of if not the best place to make friends online! There is even a great Patreon page that can give you some really cool in-game perks. More on that below. 🙂


Why I Love Celestia 

Written by JoJolovesblue (player)

I have to start with the people (My Favorite Part) Everyone in Celestia is so cool and really funny, We can voice chat, play, or even just text and it could be funny.

(Photo Taken By Gujamin) (Oasis Photo!) 

Now let’s talk about the server alone, it has plug-ins that are VERY useful ( Warps, factions, special commands, etc) it’s also has Java/ Bedrock cross play which in my opinion is amazing it also has Java like functions too!

I should probably talk about the buildings in this server (Best builder I know is definitely Tink)

(Photo From /Warp Npire) The buildings in this server are to good I don’t know how some people even build these things lol I have so many photos of good ones

(Wither From /warp beefshop) 

Celestia also has a Discord server 😀 with many fun things to do like self promoting your very own shop, or maybe showing off your buildings, or maybe even talking with so many great people! So much to do in the Discord. 😀

(Just some of the channels in the Discord server) 


I HAVE to mention the Help on the server, it’s so easy to get a answer to a question with top tier Admins and a Community. The Discord also has 3 places where you could get Admin Only help, public help, or just a Q&A. 

Speaking of the discord, my favorite thing is the Live Minecraft chat it’s so cool.

Ok back to the server, Kit PvP is where to go for a fair fight with many Kits to choose from, many possibilities for the people (my favorite kit is the Fighter Kit).

(Photo of different PvP Kits, that  you can see in the KitPvP arena at /pvp) 

The skyblock however is something I’ve never really tried only because it isn’t my type of style but it’s just a classic skyblock I’m assuming get lava get ice or water make a gen you know stuff like that. 

(Photo of Celestia’s skyblock)Did I mention Celestia’s very own money system? Money is used for buying stuff from the Auction House, or just upgrading your factions limits and capabilities 

(VERY useful) 

(Picture of the /f upgrade menu) (Photo Taken by Claw)

Big thanks to Jojo for writing this. He is one of the amazing people you can meet at Celestia.


  • Jojo wrote an entire new thing, thanks to him. seriously he is so nice.
  • this means this entire thing is rewriten

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