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MCPE/Bedrock Crystal Network | Skyblock

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Crystal Network | Skyblock

Crystal Network

Hey, thanks for taking a look at Crystal Network!

This is the first bedrock server, with features no other SkyBlock server has!

We offer features like

  • LuckyBlocks
  • Bossfights
  • Mines (similar to the ones in hypixel)
  • Friendly Community
  • Active server

So lets first introduce the HUGE mine system we have on our skyblock server

  • Zombies
  • Ores
  • Quests

So firstly in the mines you can mine an infinite amount of ores that regenerate in 60 seconds.

To make the mines more challenging we also have added zombies with different tiers when killing these zombies you have a small chance that it will drop a LuckyBlocks 

And nevertheless there are quests bases on our Mine System


Now lets talk about the Custom SkyBlock islands!

All islands are a medium size, so there is enough space to get you started 


and last but no least, we also have VERY advanced bossfights.

These bosses spawn once every 3 hours, the boss has several special abilities one of them is spawning minions that will attack the nearest person.



Changed the whole description

Also changed the website link

Added new images

changed the featured image


Server Name: ♢ CrystalNetwork ♢

Map: PocketMine-MP

Visit website

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