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updated on 02/08/2023

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-v9 changelog

-sorry for the delay as Minecraft update broke all the mods again...

-version 1.20.12+++

-Reduced lag/removed 3d wings and java ui, this is to help lag

-added new mods, NEW ME SYSTEM, store infinite items, and alot more

-the modpack is now compatible with windows 10/Xbox and mobile.
-any mod suggestion, please let me no, i will be on it...
-all the mods updated as shown by the date above
-modpack size reduced from 600mb, to 120mb

-modpack optimized, with more islands added,
plus main island is back
-removed mods that weren't needed

-crouch to vain mine also twerk on trees to make them grow,


---when opening the mcworld, it will then open Minecraft,but when it says importing, people don't wait on that screen, until it says successfully imported, this is just a heads up

---if ur hammers don't work, or some things, then make sure your game language is set to ENGLISH [US]

---when importing world, be Patient and wait on the screen until it says successfully imported world, same goes for when entering the world be patient, as its a big modpack for bedrock edition. ENJOY

Report any bug down below, thank you, donation link added, thank you for your support... have a great day 

Here are some screen shots of few addons, but there are way more addons then u can imagine
if u guys get any lag, recommend to turn of all things on you video settings

some 3d mods,,, there are more for you to find

main starter island, future version will have many guide books plus many islands, future version will allow players to obtain items, that they normally cant in survival,,,

few screen shot, of some items, taken in creative mode

starter chest


ALL the creators can be found by looking through behavior and resource pack from the world,,, rather then combining all

addon in to one, i did this, so each creator of each addon can be found easily... also easier for the player to get more info on the addon...

some recipes might be hidden as some mods have that, i suggest looking through some creators, it will show a recipy on there page...


HAVE FUN 100 plus mods


Installation instructions for EVERY platform.

XBOX ONE installation tutorial:

XBOX USERS} U can not download this on xbox, due to xbox issues, if u wish to play on xbox, download this on your phone, then join off of xbox to that world, which is hosted on phone, i hope this helped,if u dont have Minecraft on phone, download the full version free from apptoid from browsers, enjoy...

IPHONE Installation tutorial:

ANDROID Installation Tutorial:

WINDOWS Installation Tutorial:

download link    

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