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MCPE/Bedrock 123456789: Double Blacksmith in Village

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123456789: Double Blacksmith in Village

I know it's a shocker. I mean, the seed is literally numbers counting up. But it works! So I guess there's that. This seed spawns you next to some different things that can give you a good head start to your ordinary survival world, but hey, what's in store for you you'll never know! (Although I guess you could read the title) xD


When you start off, to your left you will see some trees to start your ordinary survival game, along with some caves. (The caves to the left of spawn don't have much except for stone) Then, when you have all the stone you need, go towards the desert strait in front of spawn. Right when setting foot on the white hot sand, you will notice a cave. Now this cave has some coal and iron to get a headstart on that armor and tools your looking forward to making!


Wood and stone:

Iron & coal:

Now that you have your starter kit, cross that desert with your bravery and at your own risk! (Remember, there are no life guards xD) At least there are sticks there to entertain yourself...

A long time ago, in a galaxy you were standing on...

You had step foot in the desert.

Reached the end, you have. See a village, you do!

Enough with the Yoda accent. Are you at the end of the desert yet? No? if not, get there, then re-read this. If yes, do you see a village? No? Either your computer (or ipad) is messed up, or you went in the wrong direction. If yes, congratulations! As soon as you get there, you might see that not only is there ONE blacksmith, but TWO blacksmiths. Since nowadays blacksmiths have gotten less common, this is a BIG step-up. In one of houses, you will get a blast furnace, which is stupidly expensive, and in another, a upgrade station. This will be useful if you are planning to keep playing the game till the end, and more than that, as it allows you to upgrade diamond to netherite, with the help of a netherite ingot, of course. 

Here are the loot that I got: (You could get different loot than what I got. With Bedrock Edition you never know.)

The blacksmith on the small cliff's loot:

The Blacksmith at the back of the village's loot:

With this, all you need is a flint to merge the iron with to get a flint and steel! And the blacksmiths give you enough obi to make a nether portal! You can also tame a horse with this loot! The only bad side is that it has a total of two iron leggings. So make sure to play multiplayer to get the full effect! Or just die and use it as backup armor xD


Well, that's all for this seed, I hope you like it, and if it doesn't work, plz don't accuse me. This %100 works on my device and if it doesn't on yours, I don't know what to say. You probably are playing on Java (bc this only works on bedrock) or you have a early version of Minecraft and it doesn't work. 

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