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MCPE/Bedrock The Best Seed for Speedrunning!

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The Best Seed for Speedrunning!

In this seed, you will find everything you need to start a new speedrun world record. Fortresses, Bastions, Strongholds, Blacksmith, basically anything and everything you need for a minecraft speedrun!


When you spawn, you will be in a village with a blacksmith.



In the blacksmith, you will find some food, and a ton of swords to last the end battle against the ender dragon!



To find the stronghold portal room, dig down at this one path block. When you end up at the staircase. go downward and keep going forward. You will end up in the portal room!

If you make a portal in the portal room, prepare to be surprised by the lucky spawn of a nether fortress and a bastion merged together! Look in the chest in the bastion, as it contains gold armor with blast protection II for the end fight! The ruined portal has enchanted gold armor as well! Next to that is the fortress. The fortress has... well, a blaze spawner.



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