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MCPE/Bedrock Triple Structures Seed

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Triple Structures Seed

Want a good seed? This is the right seed for you! You can start by gathering really lucky materials in the first oak village! That village also has a blacksmith!


This village is a oak village, you spawn by a blacksmith! This village also comes with tones of good loot! (My friend got 33 emeralds and 6 diamonds, but please note there might not be the same loot.) Also, there is 2 ruined portals near the oak village! Me and my friend got to go to the nether on the first day because of this! 

Also, there is an acacia village with not much great loot, but in the near by mountains there is a ruined portal!

The dessert village doesn't have that great loot either, but farther away from the dessert village is the acacia village!

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Topic starter Posted : 25/08/2021 4:44 pm