MCPE/Bedrock Enormous Bamboo Jungle with Crossing Ravines Seed  

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Enormous Bamboo Jungle with Crossing Ravines Seed

There are 3 ravines at spawn, 2 of which intersect each other inside an enormous bamboo jungle that goes 500+ blocks out. In the crossing ravines there is also a mineshaft that goes on for ages.

Upon spawning you will be atop a tree in a forest biome, but in front of you will be a bamboo jungle. 

Behind you will be a small ravine but if you venture a bit into the bamboo jungle, there will be 2 ravines crossing each other.

 There is a mineshaft going through the deeper of the 2 that will lead very far. From the bamboo jungle to the coordinates zero zero is more bamboo forest.



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Posted : 21/11/2019 3:15 pm