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MCPE/Bedrock Ice Spike/Eroded Badlands/Sunflower Plains at Spawn With Villages Nearby!

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Ice Spike/Eroded Badlands/Sunflower Plains at Spawn With Villages Nearby!

Spawn next to a rare but amazing biome combo! And exploring this world will reveal a ton of Villages along with a Pillager Outpost, Ocean Monument, and a Stronghold Dungeon!

Seed in number form: 604893202 
Seed in word form: AMSpeedLab

   As soon as you spawn, turn right to find the Ice Spikes/Eroded Badlands/Sunflower Plains biome combo! If you go around the left side of the Ice Spike biome, you will find a Village attached to that biome. There will be a Snowy Taiga biome nearby. Follow that Snowy Taiga biome around the right side and you’ll come to an Igloo hanging in midair with its basement exposed and a Pillager Outpost next to it!

   To find the Stronghold Village from spawn, follow the border of the snowy biomes around the right side until you find a Snowy Taiga biome. Then follow the edge of that Snowy Taiga biome around the right side and you’ll find the Village! Dig under the center of the Village to enter the Stronghold! If you explore this stronghold thoroughly, you can find a Dungeon as well.

    And lastly, if you go straight forward from spawn into the ocean and keep going straight, you will find the Ocean Monument. Past the Ocean Monument is an Ocean Ruins fused to a Shipwreck! If you go out further past these structures, you’ll find more Ocean Monuments and Shipwrecks with some of them also attached to each other.

If you get lost, here’s a map of the world and coordinates to help you find everything!

Overview of Bedrock world

★Bedrock v1.12.x Coordinates★

Spawn: 944, 64, 28

Ice Spike/Eroded Badlands/Sunflower Plains: 870, 66, -20

Snowy Village attached to above Ice Spike: 800, 90, -50

Zombie Dungeon below above Village: 543, 42, 171

Tall Basement Igloo: 346, 80, 373

Pillager Outpost: 300, 68, 300

Igloo: 787, 66, 150

Snowy Village: 200, 65, -700

Skeleton Dungeon/Stronghold below the above Village: 156, 26, -692

Portal Room in above Stronghold: 236, 33, -714

Snowy Village: 450, 68, -200 Snowy Taiga Village: 500, 68, 500

Snowy Taiga Village: 200, 70, 500

Snowy Taiga Village: 50, 66, 200

Snowy Village near second Ice Spike: 100, 70, -200

Ocean Monument: 900, 60, 650

Ocean Ruins fused to Shipwreck: 1000, 32, 820



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