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Ice Village Valley and Massive Cave Underneath (Seed)

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Ice Village Valley and Massive Cave Underneath (Seed)

This one, I would like to share a nice view of the valley the village itself. And with the large snow tundra biome cover! Another great area to start a survival and make custom maps!


When you spawn in you will live in the middle of price forest you just have to follow the extreme hill biome and by looking you will see this village!

As you can see this village have a small slove and a small Mountain around and in the middle, there is another pillar which you can take a nice view there! 

And there is a massive cave under this village which is a good place to play using nostalgia setting, no brightness, low graphic and other! 

There are some other buildings around, igloo house you can see from the middle of the village by setting the far distance! And another village with a flat normal land if you want to look there! The coordinate is in the next picture!


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Topic starter Posted : 12/08/2019 5:46 pm