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Village/Witch Hut Fusion with Shattered Savanna/Eroded Badlands Nearby (Seed)

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Village/Witch Hut Fusion with Shattered Savanna/Eroded Badlands Nearby (Seed)

Looking for a wacky seed? This seed has a Village fused to a Witch Hut with a Shattered Savanna/Eroded Badlands behind it! There are more Villages near spawn and an exposed dungeon close to the Eroded Badlands.

    This sweet seed spawns you with the Village/Witch Hut combo forward and to the left of spawn in that diagonal direction. Several of the Village’s houses are in the Swamp so there are lots of Villagers wearing Swamp clothing.

   If you head towards the Shattered Savanna behind the Village, you’ll see a waterfall and a hidden Ravine behind the waterfall. I thought this was a really interesting formation to happen with world generation and would make a nice hideout! Head further into the Shattered Savanna to find a Eroded Badlands attached to it and an exposed Dungeon in the plateau next to the Eroded Badlands. 

    If you go behind spawn, you’ll reach a second Shattered Savanna with a Savanna Village to the left and a Blacksmith Plain Village to the right.

Enjoy all the sweet stuff in this seed! Map and coordinates are below.


-Overview of world-


Spawn: 312, 69, 20

Witch Hut fused to Village in Swamp: 530, 63, 190

Eroded badlands/Shattered Savanna combo:

630, 64, 430

Exposed Ravine hidden behind waterfall in Shattered Savanna: 560, 63, 320 
Exposed Dungeon: 772, 88, 563

Mineshaft Dungeon: 447, 33, 189

Second Mineshaft: 640, 32, 70
Savanna Village: 220, 69, -170
Plain Village with Blacksmith: 420, 66, -260
Second Shattered Savanna: 350, 72, -150

-Extra Coordinates-

Pillager Outpost: 140, 65, -620

Desert Village next to Desert Temple with Coral Reef nearby: -780, 70, -1220 

Stronghold Portal Room under above Village:

-792, 27, -1142

Exposed Dungeon in above Village:

-728, 63, -1192


Seed ID


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