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MCPE/Bedrock Speedrun Seed 1.19

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Speedrun Seed 1.19


A speedrun seed has to contain everything you need in a very small area to pass the game in a very short time. In this seed you will appear in a village with 4 blacksmiths, and then I will give you the coordinates of the places you need.-Ruined portal-Bastion-Nether Fortresses-End portal

Spawn: 763, 69, -279


First chest: 783, 64, -256


Second chest 745, 64, -305


Third chest: 736, 64, -330


Fourth chest: 752, 67- 330



Nether portal: 869, 64, -315


With the flint of the chest and the obsidian from the village, we can enter the portal.

Portal Chest: 869, 64, -315


You should appear here


Turn around and you will see 3 roads, go down the middle one.


Destroy this block and go down.


Go left and you will find a bastion.

Bastion: 84, 75 ,18


If you go down from the bastion, you will have to go straight down that road and you will find the Nether Fortresses


Nether Fortresses 77, 57, -57


When you return to the overworld, go to the village and mine down at the this coordinates.

Coordinates: 755,70, -292


When you go down 94 blocks, you will find the end portal. 

End Portal: 755, -24, -292


Next to the village you will find an Ocean Monument (This is not part of the speedrun).

Coordinates: 600, 52 ,-232

credit: Octavio Royo

That's all.


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