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MCPE/Bedrock Village, Ruined Portal, and Underwater Caves Near Spawn

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Village, Ruined Portal, and Underwater Caves Near Spawn


I found this seed while finding a good seed to play survival. Personally I don't like this seed, but I think you guys will like it. This is a beautiful seed to play in survival

You'll spawn facing at the ocean, there will be a mountain with Acacia trees behind you (150, y, 60)

There's an underwater caves below the mountain, behind that mountain you'll find a ruined portal and a village near it (80, y, 175)

The best part of the village is at 130, y, 1750. There, you'll find a village and a really cool looking cave next to it

Here's a screenshot of 2 houses built above a river and dripstones behind them

and there's a stronghold below the village (165, y, 1775)

Also, near that village, there's a huge snowy mountain with a cave in it, (there's also a lake on the left, but I forgot to screenshot it)


Sorry if I made any mistakes or bad English (Here's a screenshot of the seed if I typed it wrong)

founder: HibjirBilek

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