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MCPE/Bedrock Minecraft Creepypastas/Legends Skin Pack

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Minecraft Creepypastas/Legends Skin Pack


All Minecraft creepypasta  skin pack for 1.19 .21+.If you need troll your friends with Minecraft Creepypastas, this skin pack is for you(: Change your skin to your favorite creepypasta. Herobrine, Alexrine, VoidHerobrine, Billy, Glitch, Giant Alex, Giant Steve, Giant Paradadox, ErRoR, Entity303, Glitched steve, Null, Farlander, Can'tsleep, Distorted Alex, Distorted ErRor, That thing, VLLR, Player3914785, Bloody Golem, Distorted steve, White enderman, Faceless villager...And more 


  • Virus(skin edited)
  • Experiment
  • Glowing eyes
  • Cursed man
  • Soul of brine
  • YOU

I'm thinking of adding the creepypastas from the cursed versions in the next update. And i edit Billy skin

Version 2 is out now! 150 skins added


Added creepypastas from "Codeman's/Ballman's curse"



  • Herobrine

He is Minecraft's first creepypasta is watching you through the fog with. He's white eyes and trying to k1ll you. Undoubtedly it is the most popular creepypasta in minecraft


  • Entity_303


  • The Farman (Farlander)

He's a mythical creature living in the farlands. He wants to protect where he lives and if you don't hurt her where he lives he won't touch you but if you do then say goodbye to your computer.

  • Player3914785 and Giants

The person who saw those giants for the first time and spread them on forum sites. He is very mysterious person can be considered the creator of Giant Alex, Giant Steve and Giant Paradox.

  • ErRorrR

Don't confuse him with cursed man he doesn't like it. His all job is to break into online servers and find cheaters and teach them a good lesson.

  • Billy

he is just looking for friends to play with. Bad things will happen if you don't accept his friend request

"Wanna be friends?"

  • Dream's Madness

He is a famous youtuber that everyone knows, but he has a dark side. He has a dark server where he plays manhunt with people. If you don't play with it, you d1e!

  • turkishminecraftlegend

Turkishminecraftlegend is the first turkish creepypasta in minecraft history. He is a turkish hacker who has two different froms in minecraft. He can speak in the game without mods. He has a youtube channel. He is first seen by a turkish minecraft youtuber named "BoraLo"

  • Bobby1545

Bobby1545 is a creepypasta in the form of a normal player who randomly join private servers. He is ostracized by players for being a noob about playing minecraft and not being able to speak properly. Je just wants to play survival with other players. 

  • Nothing

Its nothing...

  • Can't sleep

The cant sleep creepypasta won't let you sleep in your singleplayer world. You get the message "You can't sleep now, there are monsters nearby" and after a few tries he will come out and crash your computer. it spawns in a special seed

And more.....


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Billy skin edited

Bobby1545 skin edited

Brine skin edited

150 more skins added

Fixed certain bugs in skins


How to Download subpacks in android

Note: These download instructions only apply to extra packages. minecraft creepypasta skin pack v2 downloading like a normal skin pack downloading

Download and open the zip file

select the extra pack you want to download

Select the open with minecraft and its finished


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