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MCPE/Bedrock Animated RGB XP Bar + Classic Inventory GUI

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Important: Read carefully before download and use!

Every animated RGB pocket inventory screens is now available!

Animated RGB XP Bar + Classic Inventory GUI



A UI pack to make an animated RGB (Or Chroma) XP bar and level number!

But there's more!

And no, it's not affiliated by Razer or Corsair.

RGB XP Bar features:

  • Animated RGB XP Bar and Number with total of 40 frames (Very smooth)!
  • For now, it is not compatible with external HD textures. But I have added subpack to select appearance between 16x and 32x bar texture (Make sure to restart the game to see the effect).

[New] RGB Classic Inventory GUI features

  • Not only does it include the RGB Hotbar and XP Bar in the HUD, but it also includes all the inventory containers screens, with the selective appearance of Bedrock UI, PvP UI and Java UI (Powered by VDX UI 1.2.6).
  • Now it is compatible for all devices!
  • Now includes every pocket inventory screens, yay!


Xp Bar:

Xp Bar .GIF version (Animated):

Inventory GUI .GIF version (Animated):

What's new in v2?

The only thing that is new is only 2 things, one is the redesign of the GUI textures, and second and most importantly, it is now compatible for low-end mobile devices!

And that's not all:

RGB XP Bar and RGB Inv GUI is fully compatible with another of my projects called VDX UI.

Just make sure you put RGB XP Bar Resource Pack higher than VDX UI.

Upcoming features for next versions:

  • Other color effects besides full RGB.

Terms of Use:

You’re allowed to:

  • Make review about this pack, as long as you credit me as “@CrisXolt”. And put original download link in description (This MCBedrock Community Forum post, NO Mediafire direct download links).

You’re NOT allowed to:

  • Make customized APK/APPX and monetized content (pirate modifications), no one will have the permission.
  • Steal my .JSON and .UIDX file and my code design claiming this work as your, no one will have the permission. Specially not modify/erase the text in the first line code in each .json file. (Example text: //File Made/Modified by @CrisXolt).
  • Redistribute this resource pack made by me in another pages/app store.
  • Do not use for third-party projects, much less to merge with "Concept Clients" resource packs, no one will have the permission.


If you have any more questions about this, please let me know by sending a message on discord server: CrisXolt's Refuge.



  1. In the [Bstlar.], complete just one simple step ("Click on Ad"), wait 15 seconds, close the page, and then click "Unlock Content".
  2. After that, the Mediafire page will appear, click the download button to get the file.
  3. Open .mcpack (in some file manage apps may work) to launch Minecraft and import resource pack automatically.
  4. Settings > Global Resources > Apply the resource pack.
  5. Enjoy Animated RGB GUI!



Download v2.2.6 [May/14/2023]

For v1.19.80 (Also works for v1.20.0 Beta/Preview):

[Bstlar.][Animated RGB GUI v2.2.6] (Main Pack)

[Bstlar.][RGB XP Bar v2.2.6] (Standalone)


Click to show:

v1.2.6 [13 May 2023] (1.19.80 and 1.20.0 beta/preview)


  • Added another button type with 204 width value.


  • Updated for v1.19.80 and v1.20.0 preview versions.
  • The version of VDX UI is now v1.2.6.
  • Fixed a bug where the crosshair on the HUD was not visible while playing on a Hive server.
  • Fixed a bug where item renderer icons id values were not correct, in the new beta/preview version.
  • Fixed visual bug about text inside a panel with "clips" enabled.

Special Thanks:

Hawf-Human, abc555, LukasPAH, and AgentMindStorm for other original ideas!

Final note:

Seriously, those default .json UI files is made originally by Mojang and Microsoft, actually are modified by me for entertainment purposes.

Just enjoy and good luck ;D.


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Great work, keep it up Cris 🙂

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Updated for 1.18.12! ;D

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I have a few suggestions: rgb crosshair and rgb arrow buttons and jump button for mobile. Thanks this has to be my favourite texture pack.

Posted : 17/04/2022 4:07 am
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