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MCPE/Bedrock Best Block Crafts 16x | Better Colors Update

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Best Block Crafts 16x | Better Colors Update


Best Block Crafts🔨

 -By RPS Studio Originals-

A texture to play in survival and in creative with very beautiful and modern or minimalist blocks

this was inspired by spring and sunny days and very beautiful sun reflections

[Note: It is recommended that you use the shaders with this package as it gives a perfect shine to the textures]


⛄-Social Networks-⛄

Twitter | @Rps_Studio_MC and @TwitchTube_SC

Youtube | Y4H1RX RPS and FrostGames09

RPS Community |

TwitchTube Community |  

Discord | Y4H1RX RPS#1356 and ❄⬛ TwitchTube⬛❄ #4693

Enjoy this package this Christmas and spring of next year I hope and you like this package it is for creative and survival and you can also add shaders to make it more beautiful and bright

this pack can make your buildings look great just like your items and animals,decorate your home with slightly realistic and better details


-You can upload this package in videos and share it with your friends 

-You cannot change the name or steal the textures that this pack has

-You can tell me what things you want me to add more to the package




-Better Colors Update-

1-New concrete textures were added

2-New terracotta textures were added

3-Added new varied terracotta textures

4-New texture of tree leaves

5-New texture of long and small grass

6-New texture of Concrete powder

7-Bug fixes and more



⭐Guide how to install it ⭐

1 - Choose which one you want to download the version of supports the creator or direct ink

2 - download the file [In linkvertise, wait 10 seconds and then you have to see the ads that are there, then you have to continue and you have to go to the download link]

3 - open the file you downloaded then start minecraft and enjoy the package

creator: Y4H1RX RPS



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