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MCPE/Bedrock The Towers Bedrock Edition  

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The Towers Bedrock Edition

The Towers Bedrock Edition is available after a year and a half of hard work on the map, this carries the entire system that had the original version of Minecraft Java now for Minecraft Bedrock 1.16 and later, this map took a long time in your work, you can modify it, but do not upload it without permission and do not use, Malware links or use it for commercial purposes and only for entertainment


This modality tries to select a team, red or blue and after this you will appear with an armor, sword and a pickaxe, prevent them from scoring points, in the chests there are many things and everything is the same as the Java Edition version, even the ax secret, then you must go alone or with friends to the other base, (This Game Requires At least Two People To Play) and they must score points at the top end of the other base, so until they get 10 points


Although this modality is old, it had never been ported with a gameplay similar to that of Java or that would work as it was, also with items with the same colors and the same name, including the letters of The Towers on the map and almost everything is the same as it was

Thank you for all the people who supported the project with ideas, ways to make it work and support this great project with words. I am very grateful to all who supported, and thanks mainly to the Hispanic and Portuguese community.

Enjoy this game with friends and with whomever you like, you can use it freely in Realms, any failure do not hesitate to mention it to me by comments or by @PuruanTRP 





This map is installed by opening the .MCPACK on the platform you have, if you have any doubts consult a video on how to install it on your respective platform



Posted : 01/07/2020 6:45 pm