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Minecraft Java and Bedrock players can get either version for free!

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Back in 2017, when the announcement of the Better Together Update, uniting multiple platforms, questions were raised in relation to the Java edition of the game, would it survive the storm that came across the horizon for Legacy Console Editions? Looking back, we all know the answer but I don't think anyone expected this news. Today, it was announced via a Minecraft Launcher Developer on twitter that if players own either Minecraft Java Edition or Minecraft Bedrock Edition on Windows 10/11, they can now get either version for free.



Displayed above is a tweet from Ined from twitter, the official Gatekeeper of the Mojang Accounts (their words, now mine.)


Why is this good news?

This is good news for a variety of reasons but the main one has to be the bargin that players can now get when they buy either version. Instead of paying $20 per game, they can now get $20 for BOTH games. So now, if players who love Java want to play with their friends who are on a respected Bedrock platform, they can do so. If we flip the coin, Bedrock players who never got to play with their Java buddies can now play at 0 extra cost. This is great, right? 

How do I get my free version?

At this moment in time, it is currently unknown how it will be rolled out, but one this is known: It is all connected through your Microsoft accounts so make sure to migrate your Java account before 10th March otherwise you risk missing out on some wicked security features, oh and a free cape. 


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Topic starter Posted : 04/03/2022 8:02 pm