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Minecraft on Xbox Platforms will get a Performance Patch beginning tomorrow!

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After over 5 years since Minecraft Bedrock released with the Better Together update, Minecraft on Xbox Platforms will be getting a performance patch with roll out beginning tomorrow, 5th October 2022. 

As details inside of the FAQ article published early in the day on 4th October 2022, the article states "As of October 5th, players on the Xbox versions of Minecraft will begin receiving an update that improves game performance, alongside a few other changes. This update is rolling out in phases, and some users (such as insiders in the Omega ring) will have received the update before October 5th."


An important note from the article about receiving the update: 

"Note: It may take a few weeks for you to receive the update, so if you don't have it on October 5th, please wait a few weeks before contacting Minecraft Support."


Based on this article, it seems like players within the Xbox Preview Program will be the first to get the update which is similar to how the Minecraft team began testing the Minecraft Preview which is in progress of replacing the Minecraft beta program. 

Further on in the FAQ, the article goes into detail about what players can do BEFORE updating their game. Free up your storage disk space to 90% or more. Deleting unused or duplicate worlds can help clear up some space. Whatever you do, make sure that you DO NOT uninstall Minecraft, or your data might be lost forever.

Very important information as no one wants their world lost, right? 

As this is a new version, some players may not know what to do after updating. Thankfully, the article says what players can do. 

  • This update will take a little longer than previous ones, as we’re transferring your world files to the new game version.
    • Note: If you’re experiencing an install problem while this update is being processed, DO NOT UNINSTALL MINECRAFT, especially if you have more than 4GB of saved data. You might lose your data if you uninstall the game during this time.
  • If your storage disk is too full, you might experience a warning before the update proceeds.
  • When updated, you will see two versions of Minecraft in your ‘All Games’ view on your Xbox. Installing either version of the game will work.
  • Once the update is done, you should experience slightly better performance. 

This seems to be a very important update for Xbox players and who knows what this could mean for other console players. 


Article Source: Xbox Minecraft Performance Update Details – Home

Image Source: Buy Minecraft | Xbox

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