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MCPE/Bedrock RGBY Parkour 3  

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RGBY Parkour 3


The final map of the RGBY Parkour series. This time, the parkour will be extremely unforgiving, starting at the moment you enter the first level, and it only gets harder the further you go.


First of all, a picture of the new lobby, as it is different from previous lobbies:

Many things have changed for RGBY Parkour 3. One of them is speed potions system. You can buy them in the hub and at every checkpoint now. (However, checkpoint ones cost 2 emeralds.) The work is now smelting iron, make 2 iron blocks to get 1 emerald.

The lava floor is gone. Now, you use a fishing rod to return to checkpoint.

Picture of the hub speed potion shop. Press the button to buy.

You will also notice the “map lock” I mentioned in RGBY Parkour 2 is gone, this is because access to information is a human right. It is always a good idea to complete previous maps, however.

There is also a fixed number of three checkpoints in each level, balancing its difficulty. They are now 5×3 platforms, so no more “Checkpoint reached!” messages annoying you.

After you finish the main parkour, you will have the opportunity to try out the Extra Stage, which is extremely difficult and filled with novel gimmick jumps, and the whole level is designed as a good end to the map series, as you can tell from a variety of things, such as checkpoint design and block palette. Speed potions are not sold in this level, and you can complete it without using them.

Bring your skills and lots of speed potions, and last but not least, good luck. 

More info can be found in the in-game lectern as always.

Finally, a tip: Remake the jumps in your testing world and practise them before doing them in the map.

Terms of use:

You may not:

– Re-distribute this map on other sites without my permission

– Claim it as yours

– When making a video about it, not giving sufficient credit. “Sufficient credit” should include the map name, author and a link to this page.


- 1.16 support. The cobblewall-pane squeezes have been remade so that they do not connect.

- This map now supports multiplayer. You are still recommended to play in singleplayer, though.





Posted : 04/08/2020 4:43 pm