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MCPE/Bedrock Find the Button Ultimate

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Find the Button Ultimate


 Looking for a fun and classic Minecraft minigame? Your goal is simple, find the button and a new level will unlock! There are ten levels each of which are unique and polished as well as an ending chase sequence.


Content Overview

-10 unique and polished levels

-Warden chase

-An item that can be found in each level

-Fun, satisfying, and not repetitive


Each level will be listed below


Level #1


Token Location

Second floor, left of the bed

Button Location

On the rock



Level #2


Token Location

On the lower part of the large tree (As shown in the picture)

Button Location

In the dark corner behind the tree



Level #3


Token Location

At the start in a hole in the wall

Button Location

Follow the main path and take a left at the gold outcrop


Level #4 


Token Location

Inside the cliff

Button Location

Behind the castle, follow the cave and turn left at the exit


Level #5



Button Location

Break the frog light and place it Infront of the observer

Token Location

A barrel is located on the wall of the front side of the cabin



Level #6

The maze


Token Location

First floor in a narrow hallway near a corner 

Button location

Go to the corner opposite of the spawn point of floor two then go into the narrow part and climb the ladder, then follow the path to the button




Level #7



Button Location

Climb the ladder behind the mushroom house, then jump to the small brown mushroom, jump to the stem of the large mushroom, then climb the ladder up jump down to the red mushroom, then do the parkour on the wall.

Token location

Inside the mushroom house, held by the armor stand.



Level #8

The end

Button Location

Go inside the end city, climb up click the red buttons to levitate to the top then click the last one to levitate to the button.

Token Location

Climb the steps of the end city, click the red buttons to levitate to the top, then jump down onto the floating island.



Level #9

The abyss


Button Location

There are two staircases, one of them will have a bridge you can walk on to the side of the stairs. Follow the path to get to the button.

Token Location

In one of the corners, there are black pillars and there is a chest three blocks above one of the pillars.


Level #10

The final diversion

Button Location

At the end of the chase.

Token Location

Found on the path before entering the second cave.

creator: Beebodeh



After you click download, simply click on the world file while in Minecraft.

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