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MCPE/Bedrock Saving Christmas

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Saving Christmas


Welcome to Saving Christmas, in this Game you have to save Christmas from the Grinch and the Snow King. By making the current task you will enjoy the map in its entirety. Enjoy beautiful cutscenes with custom voicelines and animations. Make puzzles and master icy parkours. Fight against evil snowmans or grinchknights. Save Christmas in epic bossfights against Grinch and snowking. Discover nice snowy mountains and caves. Make your story alone or with your friends. Enjoy the exciting story and scenery. Help Santa and Ms. Clause as an Elf to save Christmas. Make minigames and mini events like parkour, boxing and bow shooting and have fun.

!!Important!! Set you Fov to 60 to get the best experience:

Saving Christmas is a little story game containing some parkour, puzzle, riding and fight elements with a very exciting story, good animations, custom mobs and voicelines.

In this Story you as the protagonist an elf has to safe Christmas, Santa and Ms. Clause from the bad Grinch and the Snow King.

Heres the spawn:

Here's the first parkour you have to endure:

Here's the sleigh ride map:


Here's the Boss fight against the Grinch:

And for last here's the puzzle minigame:

We hope you enjoy the map as much as we do if there are any bugs let us know in the comment section. Thank you.


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