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MCPE/Bedrock Find The Buttons! (1.17+)

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Find The Buttons! (1.17+)


This is a find the buttons map that contains 14 challenging levels. This map works only in singleplayer. This map also offers you hints that you can use throughout the map.

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This is my first map, so I hope you enjoy! Each level has a hidden button that you must find and press.

This map works only in singleplayer. This map can be played in Minecraft Education Edition.

You will be given 3 hints that use can use throughout the map. Use them wisely!

If you find the 2 secret buttons hidden in levels 2 and 9, you can unlock the secret room at the end of the map!


  • The map can now be download from my official website
  • I updated the parkour in the invisible parkour level because the parkour was too difficult for most players
  • I updated the parkour outside of the map to be a little easier


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