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MCPE/Bedrock One Eyed: The Unknown Fate

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One Eyed: The Unknown Fate


One Eyed:- The Unknown Fate Is the first map from the "One Eyed" Series. This is a hard puzzle game and you have to find keys to progress. This map is harder then any other map I have made so there will a full playthrough on my channel so you can get through the levels you normally can't. But I highly recommend not to watch as it will not give the rewarding experience that you will get by finding answers by yourself. Here are few levels you are going to find in the level with full explanation on what is happening, some provided picture and a trailer for the mp.

In This map you play the role of Aurthor D'mailo who recently passed away. Now on his after without going to heaven or hell. He has been trapped in a LIMBO. A angel tells him what god has set up to prove his ability to go to heaven.

You are tasked with completing hard puzzle to find the keys that lead you to the gate of AFTERLIFE. Any wrong move might ruin your only chance of escape and trap you in this LIMBO for ever.


Here are All The Rooms You Have To Find Keys In.

  • The Dark Farm


  • The Science Room
  • The Hunter's Room
  • The Maze
  • The ???
  • The Escape Room
  • The Lava Maze
  • The Mess
  • The End Room

                                                                                                          [No Image Was Found]

                                                                          erorcode: .. / .- -- / .. -. / .... . .-.. .-.. / .--. .-.. ... / .... . .-.. .--.




Help Author To Find His Way To The AFTERLIFE.

Map Trailer:

Watch this video for more info and to know about the LORE.

Thank You So Much For Playing My Map. I hope that you will love and enjoy this map and stay tuned for upcoming maps from this series.




  1. Click the link called "Unknown Fate v1.0" and download the mp.
  2. Open the map with minecraft if you are on pocket edition. If you are on pc (Bedrock) double tap on the map.
  3. Minecraft should open and the map should be imported. Then click on the map and it should start.
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