CubeMap Test Shader  

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Important: Read carefully before downoad and test!

CrisXolt presents:

CubeMap Test Shader


What is Cubemap Test Shader?

It's a modified shaders which aims to improve a bit of the use of cubemap in MC Bedrock. Turning normal cubemap into something similar as custom sky in MC Java Edition (Using MCPatcher or OptiFine). It is all you should know. ;D


  • Fixed cubemap Y position for most sky textures.
  • Tree cubemap textures in one image file, one for Day/Noon, other for Sunset, and finally, Night/Midnight.
  • Rotation of cubemap!
  • Compatible between Windows 10 and Android!


All screenshots will be shown with Blend = Add mode.




And now, what are you... Oh wait.

Before to download, you must realize and accept that:

  • If you are going to use it for a third-party resource pack, do it at your own risk as it is still experimental and beta, but for private use may be nice, i think. Just don't modify anything in the shader files, nobody will have authorization.
  • Don't republish this resource pack file in other pages without authorization.
  • If you are going to review this, you will have to leave the original forum link in the description, nothing else.
  • Known issues is: The sunset texture won't appear when you are in third person (Only happens in Windows 10).

And now, try the beta! 😀

Filename: Cube Map Test.MCPACK

For MC Bedrock version 1.14.x or newer (until Render Dragon appears!)

Blend = Add mode:

[Download][Not AD]

Use only for "blend = add" texture type (white and black in day texture for example), but others textures will be bright (not for night). Also, the sun and the moon won't be hidden.​

Opaque mode:


Use only if you want to see all textures (not bright), but the sun and the moon will be quite hidden.

Special Thanks:

ArgoMenor (@argo_menor) for original ideas!

Final note:

Seriously, those default shader files is made originally by Mojang and Microsoft, actually are modified by me for entertainment purposes.

Just enjoy and good luck ;D.

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