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MCPE/Bedrock Ale Pack V1.5 - RenderDragon! (Compatible with All Devices)

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Ale Pack V1.5 - RenderDragon! (Compatible with All Devices)

The Ale Pack returns with new functions and realistic features with the purpose of improving the user's gaming experience, this pack has the purpose of providing all the realism possible with the limitations that RenderDragon currently has. And best of all, it is compatible with all devices from low-resource to high-resource.


(Mode Cherry)

(Mode Day)

(Additional screenshots)


  • Alternate Pack (Cherry Mode).
  • Lite feature for users who prefer to keep the vanilla look without so many mods.
  • More colorful grass, grass and plants with movement animations.
  • Animations on minerals and some blocks
  • Sky with semi realistic clouds, Sun and moon similar to reality.
  • Blue fog that blends perfectly with the sky.
  • New textures of lava, flames and magma blocks to simulate yellow lighting effect.
  • Fog in the rain that makes the experience more real.
  • Seas with texturing.
  • Added color of the sky as day and night.
  • New Particles like in the rain.
  • Rain with intense fog.
  • It does not have any type of delay.
  • Based on the Ale shader.
  • Compatible with all devices (Android, iOS, Windows 10, PS5, PS4, XBOX ONE, XBOX Series...)
  • Etc...


- This option activates the animations on the blocks and adds the cloudy sky for a better gaming experience.

- This option disables animations on blocks and realistic clouds for better performance.


If you want to see more detail about this package, I invite you to see the cinematic:


  • This is not a shader
  • Based on the Ale shader
  • May be modified for personal use only.
  • It is forbidden to distribute this texture pack with modifications in the code.
  • You may not take this resource pack and publish it in your own name.
  • It is possible that this resource pack has any, if so, please report the bug to me on my Discord.
  • Plant animations are from the Real Waving Leaves texture pack (Creator: Arthur156).
  • The animations in the minerals belong to the Definitive animation package (Creator: @Ragthordev).
  • Many thanks to SparkSkye for allowing me to use your fog code.
  • This texture pack works on any device
  • This resource pack is compatible with minecraft versions +1.18.30 which means that it is also compatible with (Renderdragon).


- Ale Graphics 

Please help me with something to motivate me to keep updating the shader constantly 🙂 :



 Update V1.5!

  • New Cherry Mode.
  • Fog has been improved and added to all Nether biomes and the End.
  • Performance improvements.


Mcpack: download and click.


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