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MCPE/Bedrock Ale Pack V1.2.5 Patch Update! - RenderDragon (Compatible with All Devices)

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Ale Pack V1.2.5 Patch Update! - RenderDragon (Compatible with All Devices)


The new update of the ale pack (A pack based on the Ale shaders) has arrived, now more colorful than ever with the purpose of improving the player experience to the maximum. This package is compatible with all devices where Minecraft bedrock edition works and the best thing is that it does not present any type of lag, if you do not believe me I invite you to try it you will not regret it.


- Day and night color

- Sunrise and sunset

- Cave and mist

- Water texturing


Patch update:

- Due to a packaging error, the leaves of the trees were not added in the savannah and dark forest biomes.

- The color of the grass has been modified since in the savannah biome it was unrealistically green.




  • Plants are more colorful and beautiful.
  • Improved sky with more realistic clouds, sun and moon.
  • Textured water.
  • Added color of the sky as day and night.
  • Fog that matches the sky.
  • New Particles like in the rain.
  • Rain with intense fog.
  • It does not have any type of delay.
  • Based on the Ale shader.
  • Compatible with all devices (Android, iOS, Windows 10, PS5, PS4, XBOX ONE, XBOX Series...)
  • Etc...


If you want to see more detail about this package, I invite you to see the cinematic:

- The movement on the plants shown in the video is from the Real Waving Leaves texture pack.


The mist optimizes each stretch of distance for better performance:

- 6 Chunk:

- 8 Chunk:

- 12 Chunk:


  • This is not a shader
  • Based on the Ale shader
  • May be modified for personal use only.
  • It is forbidden to distribute this texture pack with modifications in the code.
  • You may not take this resource pack and publish it in your own name.
  • It is possible that this resource pack has any, if so, please report the bug to me on my Discord.
  • I recommend using the Real Waving Leaves texture pack for more similarity with the shaders (Creator: Arthur156).
  • This texture pack works on any device
  • This resource pack is compatible with minecraft versions +1.18.30 which means that it is also compatible with (Renderdragon).


- TheAlexander?#12484;

Please help me with something to motivate me to keep updating the shader constantly 🙂 :


Patch Update V1.2.5!

  • Added the color of the grass in the acacia and dark oak trees.
  • The color of the grass has been modified since in the savannah biome it was green.


Mcpack: download and click.


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