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MCPE/Bedrock Boneblock [Skyblock]  

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Boneblock [Skyblock]

Have you ever been tired and bored of grinding the old cobblestone generator? Have you ever thought that skyblock needed to be more grindy? Here is Boneblock. A skyblock map created by VideoCarp1. In this unique map, you won’t be grinding a cobblestone generator and you certainly will need to grind a lot. For the fans of my old map, Snowblock. 

This map, created by VideoCarp1, is yet another special type of skyblock. You bridge with carrots. You bridge with seeds. You bridge with kelp. How can you do that, with seeds or carrots? In this map, you craft bone blocks from bonemeal to get to different islands.

    You start out with a tree, a composter and some full grown crops. Infinite water is more than possible. You compost the crops into bonemeal and you turn that bonemeal into bone blocks and bridge your way. I recommend bridging to the skeleton grinder nearby, it will make things a lot easier.

    Feel free to add or remove keep inventory. The End and the Nether are 100% possible. The ender dragon’ll be the easy part for you, it won’t be too hard to beat it normally. The Wither however will be a great challenge since you won’t be able to get enchanted golden apples (due to removal of the Notch apple recipe). 1 hit of the wither can easily kill you.

    You will be limited to nothing but regular golden apples. Make sure to coat all important buildings you have with water so that the wither won’t destroy them. The Sky Treasure is intentional and a generator could have been made but I decided that I need to reward the players for all their hard work instead of making them grind even more. Another challenge you will face while fighting the wither is the fact that in the second stage, you’ll only be able to melee it.

    I’d suggest beating the ender dragon and getting an elytra and a lot of fireworks (or a riptide 3 trident during ran). What if I need more iron, you ask? Kill mobs. How am I going to enchant things? You can pick up the lecterns that are there at the start island and get enchanted books. How am I going to make an enchantment table? Simply get to the nether island, grab some obsidian, use the sky treasure diamonds and trade with a villager to get paper.

    There’s a special easier way to bridge and there’s a way to kind of almost duplicate your bonemeal. I will not spoil how but if you want to know, please join the help. A link is provided below.

If you are recording, please make sure to put a link to exactly this page and credit me.

This, is a second map. Feel free to check out Snowblock [Skyblock] which is another unique map before this.


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1. Download an app to unzip it.

2. Download a files app.

3. Unzip the file.

4. Move the remaining folder to minecraftWorlds

5. If you can’t see, restart your game.

Note: We are trying to get an mcworld download. Please join the help link if you managed to convert it into an mcworld. Also please join help because we need more players.




Posted : 09/12/2019 9:46 pm