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Minecraft Earth Was Downloaded 1.2 Million Times In The US

Minecraft Earth came out in the U.S. in early access form on November 12, and the augmented reality take on the popular exploration and creation game hit 1.2 million downloads in the country in its first week, according to market analysts Sensor Tower. Minecraft Earth is available for iOS and Android devices. You can use your… Read more »

Minecraft Earth Now Available In 15 More Countries!

Great news! Minecraft Earth has released in 15 new locations, as promised by the developers Minecraft Earth is on track to be released around the world before 2019 is over. Last week the game launched in the United States opening the game to millions more, this week Western Europe & Japan now how access. If… Read more »

Minecraft Earth Now Available In The United States!

Grab your phone and go outside! great news Americans, Minecraft Earth has released for you! Minecraft earth for both iOS & Android users can be downloaded for FREE as part of the early access experience. Android requirements are a little sticker as ARcore is needed. Click here to see if your devices is supported… Read more »


Fantastic news Minecraft fans, Minecraft Earth is now releasing in 3 NEW countries. Following earlier this Month with the developers pushing the game to two more countries and announcing the game will be rolling out over the Month of October while being optimistic for a FULL release before 2019 is complete. The game has been… Read more »


Great news Minecraft Earth fans, as of today Mojang have started the process of releasing the game around the world. During Minecon 2019 it was confirmed that the game would start to release in more countries during the month of October. The devs announced “Minecraft Earth will begin releasing slowly during October with aiming for… Read more »


I come bearing good news, Minecraft Earth has it’s official release date! We know summer 2019 is over and Minecraft Earth did not quite release like expected but it was confirmed during Minecon 2019 that Minecraft Earths full release will be next Month in October 2019 As displayed on “Our augmented reality mobile game… Read more »