Minecraft Earth New Beta Build

31st July 2019
Minecraft News
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With the Minecraft Earth beta still active it seems the devs are using this time to send out fresh builds for people who have been lucky enough to test the game (Android beta still pending) below are all the changes that have happened.

Minecraft Earth, app icon Minecraft Earth 0.1.0 (2019.726.4) is ready to test on iOS.

What to Test:


If you decline the Camera Permissions pop-up from the Build with Friends screen you must enable the permission from your phone settings or from your own buildplate where you will be re-prompted to allow camera access.

• The map, including roads and water, becomes entirely green when playing in a moving vehicle. Restarting the game will fix this issue.

• After unlocking the snowy buildplate at level 20, it will look like you can get snowballs when picking up snow. Sadly, snowballs are not yet available in the game.

• The game may turn purple and black and text will be unreadable. Restarting the game will fix this issue.

• The UI can disappear from The map screen occasionally. Restarting the game will fix this issue.

• If your game crashes when going into buildplates, try this: In your iPhone Settings, search for Compass. In that screen, make sure “”Use True North”” is turned off.

• If your game is freezing on the buildplate screen, try this: Go to your iPhone Settings — Privacy — Location Services — System Services — and ensure “Compass Calibration” is enabled.

• If you own more than 15 skin backs in the Bedrock version of Minecraft, you may not see them all in Minecraft Earth. • Game may crash when launching without an internet connection. • If you stack 2 Oak Wood Slabs and then attempt to pick them up, both disappear from your buildplate but only one is returned to your inventory.

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