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Minecraft 1.15 Buzzy Bees Out Now Java Edition

It’s the first release of many, looks like Minecraft the Buzzy Bees update has released for Minecraft Java Edition. Bedrock Minecraft will also see this update hit their platforms today, oh and of course Minecraft PS4 Bedrock too. Below is all the changes for this version BEE careful it comes with a sting. BUZZY BEES… Read more »

Minecraft Earth New Beta Build

With the Minecraft Earth beta still active it seems the devs are using this time to send out fresh builds for people who have been lucky enough to test the game (Android beta still pending) below are all the changes that have happened. Minecraft Earth, app icon Minecraft Earth 0.1.0 (2019.726.4) is ready to test… Read more »


The Minecraft Earth closed BETA is about to turn 2 weeks old, we have seen some incredible house builds, animal barns, TNT Explosions even a working piano by the Talented Seth Bling With the beta now available to the whole of the UK previously only being active for London it seems testing for this game… Read more »