Minecraft 1.13 Custom Skin Editor Coming

11th September 2019
Minecraft News
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Minecraft skins are forever evolving, from the basic skins that started on Java edition to the fully custom skins 4j studios introduced to Minecraft Console Edition. The 1.13 beta has been full of surprises for the community including PS4 Bedrock files, Huge realms changes and now custom skins on the game itself.

With the use of this addon: Custom Skin Creator players are able to do many things to their skins. This includes stuff such as giving Alex a beard, Steve long hair or even giving these skins a red face. You can check out this video from eckosoldier to see how it works Click Me

With some back end changes from Minecraft they have now revealed alot more things are coming including face items, custom backpacks, custom feet, gloves, shoes the list goes on. It’s practically Minecraft sims edition.

These do come at a price for example a simple Minecraft party shades are going to cost you 60 Minecraft coins or if you want a guitar backpack that’ll cost you 240 Minecraft coins. Now it’s not 100% these will be the prices on full release however you can mix and match the skin to your own preference.

There is a big chance that these customisations are going to be linked to Minecraft Earth, the reason is as both are run using the bedrock/render dragon engine. Also the Minecraft skins in Minecraft bedrock act the same way they do on Minecraft earth. The final reason behind this thinking is that you can already purchase/choose your Minecraft skin from the bedrock marketplace skin packs.

You can see a small example of these down below.

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