29th October 2019
Minecraft News
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Fantastic news Minecraft fans, Minecraft Earth is now releasing in 3 NEW countries. Following earlier this Month with the developers pushing the game to two more countries and announcing the game will be rolling out over the Month of October while being optimistic for a FULL release before 2019 is complete.

The game has been in beta for quite sometime but only for places like the UK, selected American cities and some European countries along with then releasing in Iceland & New Zealand – Today I can confirm the game is out also In Mexico, Sweden & Australia! Lucky aussies get to enjoy the game in the sunshine.

As you can see the confirmed tweet above “More info on our early access plan” with a link to redsto.ne/earlyaccess

That’s not all the news we have, it looks like for those who are currently in the Beta they’ll have access to Minecraft Earth’s Adventures!! very, very soon. You can learn more about these by clicking here Minecraft Earth Adventures are the Pokemon go version of Gym Battles. You go to specific locations to explore caves, dungeons fight mobs and more with other Minecraft Earth players enjoying the game. As shown in the below tweet the devs tease us more and more.

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