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Minecraft Earth 0.11.0 Update Released

Looks like Minecraft Earth has also dropped it’s first update of the year, this comes mostly with bug fixes. The Minecraft Earth dev team have promised big things this year for the game, what would you like to see introduced? Minecraft Earth Patch Notes New stuff (and some changes) coming your way on Minecraft Earth!… Read more »

Minecraft Earth 0.10.0 Update Released

It looks like the Minecraft Earth development team are starting 2020 with a brand new update, this update fixes bugs and crashes but also introduces some new game-play features. The Minecraft Earth team have added new adventures for players to explore, purchasable store content and more. Below are all the changes and introductions. Minecraft Earth… Read more »

Minecraft Earth’s Worldwide Launch Is Today!

The time has finally come, Minecraft players all around the world as of today will be able to download, install and play Minecraft Earth. Just in case you haven’t been keeping up to date. Minecraft Earth is Mojang’s augmented reality game bringing Minecraft to the real world, you can collect items, build in your kitchen,… Read more »

Minecraft Earth Now Available In The United States!

Grab your phone and go outside! great news Americans, Minecraft Earth has released for you! Minecraft earth for both iOS & Android users can be downloaded for FREE as part of the early access experience. Android requirements are a little sticker as ARcore is needed. Click here to see if your devices is supported… Read more »


Minecraft Earth is defiantly on course to be releasing worldwide by the end of the year, today they confirmed 3 more locations now have access to the game. Earlier on this week they confirmed people in Mexico, Sweden & Australia! can access the game. Today we now have Canada, Philippines & South Korea!! Something else… Read more »

Minecraft Earth Now Features Daily/Weekly Challenges

With Minecraft Earth now releasing in more cities and countries around the world it looks like the Developers are pushing the game even more. Recently released to the community was Challenges. These feature daily challenges, weekly challenges, Career challenges but also “Event challenges” so just like pokemon go Minecraft earth will feature special events which… Read more »