Minecraft Earth’s Worldwide Launch Is Today!

12th December 2019
Minecraft News
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The time has finally come, Minecraft players all around the world as of today will be able to download, install and play Minecraft Earth. Just in case you haven’t been keeping up to date. Minecraft Earth is Mojang’s augmented reality game bringing Minecraft to the real world, you can collect items, build in your kitchen, conquer adventures with friends and much more.

The process has taken a little longer than expected as we where hoping to get our hands on this game during summer 2019 – But as promised before the end of the year players are able to install Minecraft Earth no matter where you are located.

Official Confirmation

We would like to mention not all devices are supported for Minecraft earth, below is a list of compatible devices for Android/iOS

We have been told that Minecraft Earth will open to more devices as the game expands.

Oh and recently they let players find the Jolly Llama via tapables in game!

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