27th November 2019
Minecraft News
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IMPORTANT NEWS! Don’t panic, well maybe if you haven’t downloaded Minecraft Xbox One Bedrock you should! Time is ticking and certinaly running out. Confirmed by Minecraft that November 30, 2019 is the deadline for players to get bedrock Minecraft update (Upgrade from Xbox One Edition) for FREE – After this date players will be told to buy the game.

Everything below is as quoted of the official Minecraft article

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition players can still update to Bedrock Edition for free!

In September 2017, we released the Better Together update for Minecraft on Xbox One, iOS, Android, the Windows 10 version and Gear VR (and since then, we’ve added Nintendo Switch to the Better Together family). This update was essentially a new version of the game, the Bedrock version, which let Minecraft players enjoy multiplayer with each other across all those platforms! Gosh, that was a great update, wasn’t it? Good luck topping that, Nether update…

But why are we bragging about this update over two years later? Because if you’re still playing/own a copy of Minecraft: Xbox One Edition, then you can still update to the Bedrock version, absolutely free! You’ve been able to do this since we released the Better Together update, but this offer won’t last forever. Existing Minecraft: Xbox One Edition players now have until November 30, 2019 to redeem their free update to the Bedrock version.

Luckily, updating couldn’t be easier! You’ll need to login to your Xbox profile on your console. If you own a physical copy of Minecraft: Xbox One Edition, and you’ve played five hours in the last twelve months, or bought DLC at any time, then you’re entitled to a free update to the Bedrock version. If you haven’t played for five hours in the last 12 months/bought any DLC, you can fulfill either of the conditions (it’s a pretty good excuse to play Minecraft for five hours) before November 30 2019. You will receive a 5×5 code via Xbox messaging that lets you redeem the Bedrock version of Minecraft. Please be prepared for a short wait to receive your code, as it could take a few weeks while our team processes redemption requests.


Not only will you be able to play multiplayer across platforms with your pals on iOS, Android, Windows 10 Edition, Gear VR and Nintendo Switch, but you’ll also get updates like Update Aquatic, Village & Pillage and upcoming updates too!

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