Minecraft Earth Skeleton Wolf Mob Added + Boosts and Mini-Figures!

4th March 2020
Minecraft News
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Minecraft Earth has already seen many custom mobs introduced to the game – Muddy pig, Moobloom, Cluckshroom and now Skeleton Wolf. Some are even referring this as DanTDM’s Grim dog – This can now be found in the game via tapables along side the Glowing Squid which has also recently been added.

official confirmation from @minecraftearth

Minecraft Earth Boosts and Mini-Figures!

General Info – Minecraft Earth Boosts and Minecraft Earth Boost Minis 

Mattel and Minecraft Earth have partnered to create an all new line of mini-figures called Minecraft Earth Boost Minis that you can scan to unlock in-game perks (known as Boosts) in Minecraft Earth. 

Each Boost Mini is themed for a specific Boost and at launch there will be 20 different Boost Minis available with more than 10 different in-game Boosts to choose from. 

Activating Boost Minis is simple and you’ll get XP in-game for every Boost Mini that you activate. 

Boost Minis fit in your pocket or in the Carry-Along Potion Case so you can take them on the go with however you play Minecraft Earth, whether it be building, exploring the world around you, or going on an adventure with friends! 

I’m the proud owner of a Minecraft Earth Boost Mini. How do I get my Boost? 

Open Minecraft Earth on your device.  

Go to the Boosts screen in Minecraft Earth by tapping the lightning bolt icon on the left-hand side of the screen. 

Select the Minifigs tab.  

Select the “Activate a Boost Mini!” button and follow the on-screen prompts to scan your Minecraft Earth Boost Mini 

About Boosts 

What are Boosts? 
Boosts are in-game items that you can use in Minecraft Earth to enhance your abilities for a short amount of time. 

What kinds of things do Boosts do? 

Each Boost will grant you a unique enhancement for a limited time. There are a variety of types but some examples are – increased tappable and adventure radius, decrease crafting time, XP increase, and increased health/attack damage/defense. 

How do I get Boosts? 

You can get Boosts through the Minecraft Earth in-game store using your rubies or by purchasing a Minecraft Earth Boost Mini figure and activating it in-game with an NFC-capable phone. 

How can I use Boosts ingame? 

Each Boost is available in increasing strengths from Level I through Level III. A higher level Boost will give you a stronger benefit and increased effect duration. 

How long do Boosts last? 

Level I Boosts last 10 minutes, Level II Boosts last 15 minutes and Level III Boosts last 30 minutes. 

How many Boosts are available in-game? 

There are more than 10 Boosts available! Check the in-game boosts menu for latest selection while playing Minecraft Earth. 

About Minecraft Earth Boost Minis 

What are Minecraft Earth Boost Minis? 

Minecraft Earth Boost Minis are a new line of Mattel Mini Figures designed by our friends at Mattel specifically for Minecraft Earth. Each Boost Mini figure will grant you a specific Level 1 Boost by scanning the figure on your device.  

Will Minecraft Earth Boost Minis work on any device? 

Minecraft Earth Boost Minis will work with any iOS or Android device that has NFC and can run Minecraft Earth. On iOS, that is iPhone 6 and greater. To check an Android device, go to settings, connected devices, connection preferences and see if NFC is listed in the preferences. 

Will Boost activated by a Minecraft Earth Boost Mini only work once? 

A Boost enabled by a Minecraft Earth Boost Mini figure can be used as many times as you like, but there is a 24-hour cooldown period after each use. You can have up to 5 Boosts active at a time. 

Can I use two Minecraft Earth Boost Minis that have the same Boost? 

Yes. If you activate two Minecraft Earth Boost Minis that have the same Boost at the same time, the length of the duration of the Boost will be doubled. You can also activate the Boost Minis at different times, in which case the 24-hour cooldown period will apply separately to each Boost Mini. 

How much do Boosts cost? 

Boost prices will range from 10 to 100 rubies depending on level of the Boost. Minecraft Earth Boost Mini figures have an MSRP of $4.99 USD. 

Do all Mattel Minecraft Mini Figures come with Boosts? 

No, only Minecraft Earth Boost Minis will give you an in-game Boost. You can identify them by their Minecraft Earth branded packaging. 

Why does my Boost Mini keep taking me to the Minecraft Earth website? 

Make sure to only scan your Boost Mini from the Boosts menu in-game! If you scan the Boost Mini outside of the Boosts menu you’ll be prompted to go to the Minecraft Earth website so you can learn more news about the game. 

Is my device compatible with Boost Minis? 

Boost Minis require a mobile device that reads NFC tags and supports Minecraft Earth Check here for more specific information on devices that support Minecraft Earth: https://help.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/360033744412-Minecraft-Earth-FAQs 

Why aren’t there Minecraft Earth mobs available as the Minecraft Earth Boost Minis? 

Those interested in collecting Minecraft Earth mob variant figures can find them as part of the Minecraft Mini series available this Spring. They are not available as Minecraft Earth Boost Minis at this time.


Official page: https://help.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/360039922812-Minecraft-Earth-Boosts-and-Mini-Figures-

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