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17th August 2020
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After 6 months without any combat changes, we’ve been given 2 test snapshots within 1 week. This weeks combat changes sees a few features reverted to test snapshot 5 which according to Jeb helps eliminate him eliminate what parts of combat the community does not like. This snapshot is NOT in the Minecraft launcher but you can download it from below.

Combat test snapshot version 7c

Here’s combat test snapshot version 7c!


I received some 3000 comments on the last post, and also got help from players testing some PvP changes (hence version “c”), so a number of changes have been reverted back to be more similar to version 5. This is a good thing, because now it feels like we’re getting closer to a simple – yet deep and exciting – design for the combat mechanics.

Features that have been changed back:

  • Returned the attack indicator
  • Returned the “200% time” attacks (let’s call them “charged” attacks) and the +1 reach bonus
  • Returned sweeping to only work for charged attacks and when having the Sweeping enchantment
  • Returned base reach to 2.5 blocks
  • Removed the bow inaccuracy for holding too long
  • Removed the eating interruption for getting hit

Features that have been adjusted:

  • Missed attacks are still fast, but they don’t count as charged. Because of how the programming code is laid out it meant I had to change how the auto-attack “penalty” is applied. Instead of being 20% slower, they add a hard-coded single tick to the attack rate (i.e. after a miss you can optimally attack again after 4 ticks, or after 5 ticks when holding the attack)
  • Shields now add a 50% knockback resistance when active
  • Shields are now always instant
  • Shields protect against 100% explosion damage
  • You won’t get the reach bonus while you are crouching (to add a slight disadvantage to shielding and attacking simultaneously)

Bug fixes:

  • Netherite weapons have updated stats
  • Using shields while crouching is now no longer desynchronized when attacking air
  • Players in spectator mode can no longer sweep in the air
  • Knockback attribute no longer have a random chance to completely prevent knockback
  • Fixed player speed bug for crouching vs using shield (thanks /u/Dual_Iron)

Again, thank you all for your comments and feedback. Special thanks to @CodingCookey and friends for PvP testing!

Please playtest the snapshots and share videos!

Previous post here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/i5cvlh/combat_test_version_6/

Installation instructions:

Finding the Minecraft application folder:

  • Windows: Press Win+R and type %appdata%.minecraft and press Ok
  • Mac OS X: In Finder, in the Go menu, select “Go to Folder” and enter ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
  • Linux: ~/.minecraft or /home/<your username>/.minecraft/

Once you have the launcher set up you can download the server files from there as well.


In addition to replying here on reddit, you can head over to the feedback site to discuss specific topics here: https://aka.ms/JavaCombatSnap


Edit: Forgot to mention,

  • Made weapon enchantments available to axes if they’re applied from a book in the anvil

Edit 2: Also forgot to mention,

  • Potions stack to 16

Official post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/i9kdfh/combat_test_snapshot_version_7c/

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