Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs – Snapshot 21W03A Glow Squid & Glow Lichen

20th January 2021
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It is snapshot day my dudes, welcome to the first Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs snapshot of 2021. Today we have the very controversial Glow Squid mob and a new feature called “Glow Lichen” below are all the details you need to know, check your Minecraft launcher for 21W03A.


A Minecraft Java Snapshot

Today’s Caves & Cliffs snapshot is particularly shiny! You could almost say it’s glowing… Oh wait, that’s a squid.


  • Added glow lichen!
  • Added glow squid!


  • A dim light source that generates in caves.
  • Use shears to pick it up.
  • Use bonemeal to spread it along block surfaces.


Glow squids have been added, but do not yet spawn naturally. You can find spawn eggs for them in the creative inventory.

  • Glow Squids are well-lit and can be seen from even far distances!
  • When killed, glow squids drop glow ink sacs.
  • Glow ink sacs can be used on signs to make the text super visible, even at night! Works with colors!
  • Craft a glow item frame by combining a glow ink sac with an item frame in a crafting table. Any item in a glow item frame is perfectly illuminated, even at night!
  • Use an Ink Sac on a sign to remove the glow effect.
  • Axolotls will attack any glow squids they see, so…be careful.


  • Dripstone blocks can be crafted from 4 pointed dripstone.


  • MC-9568 – Mobs suffocate / go through blocks when growing up near a solid block
  • MC-89880 – Spawner with weight 0 crashes game
  • MC-91522 – Shulker rendering position desync and generates ghost shulker when destroying shulker-ridden boat or minecart
  • MC-92349 – Players can’t tempt animals with food while other players are closer to the animal
  • MC-92867 – Setting Json text value to null throws exceptions and crashes
  • MC-105344 – Shulkers in boats and minecarts do not sit up if previousely attached to blocks sideways
  • MC-108717 – Shulkers can’t be pushed back
  • MC-111196 – Using a monster spawner to spawn shulkers spawns white shulkers
  • MC-113177 – Shulkers cannot be pushed inside non-solid blocks
  • MC-119051 – Random transparent line in shulker box GUI texture
  • MC-121897 – Gaps in an animation’s used frames throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  • MC-139265 – Shulkers do not teleport correctly when going through a portal
  • MC-161334 – Shulker boxes cannot be opened if next to a shulker mob
  • MC-168900 – Shulkers teleport with original dimension coordinates after passing through portals
  • MC-183884 – Shulkers are afraid of being next to another shulker
  • MC-186172 – Shulkers open into blocks when unable to teleport
  • MC-190677 – Shulkers aren’t aligned to the grid for a split second after being spawned in
  • MC-200195 – Boats don’t try dismounting you on land
  • MC-202202 – Server is unable to prevent a player from dismounting a vehicle, causing a desync
  • MC-203373 – Shulker bullet subtitles are not capitalized correctly
  • MC-203571 – Right-clicking an empty bundle sometimes plays hand animation
  • MC-204337 – Bundle use stat never increases
  • MC-205076 – Game mode selection is ordered differently
  • MC-206118 – “type” in loot table number providers is not optional anymore
  • MC-206510 – Game crashes when trying to shift-click a chest into the inventory of a donkey whose chest is being removed
  • MC-206550 – block.pointed_dripstone.drip_[liquid/cauldron] has no subtitles
  • MC-206599 – Pointed dripstone can be placed atop each other, even if a player would be inside the hitbox of the lower dripstone
  • MC-206923 – Dripstone subtitles are not capitalized properly
  • MC-207250 – Dripstone caves biome name is not properly capitalized
  • MC-207254 – Dripstone caves generate merging dripstones in impossible ways
  • MC-207293 – Dripstone generated in dripstone caves can replace lava sources which looks weird
  • MC-207335 – Mobs cannot spawn in Dripstone Caves
  • MC-207388 – Issues with chunk rendering when height limit is large
  • MC-207900 – Summoning “dust” or “dust_color_transition” particles kicks nearby players when on a server
  • MC-208336 – ‘player’ sub-predicate of ‘entity_properties’ predicate only passes if game mode is specified
  • MC-208611 – Shulkerboxes/bundles duplicate items when destroyed by two fire blocks simultaneously
  • MC-208666 – Shulker boxes and bundles drop their items twice when thrown into a lava cauldron


Snapshots are available for Minecraft: Java Edition. To install the snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the “Installations” tab.

Snapshots can corrupt your world, so please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

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source: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/minecraft-snapshot-21w03a

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