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Bedrock AI Add-On

The Land of the Lakes is a new biome similar to swamps with sweet berries and cod. Illusioners make copies of themselves. What else? Owls and Pirate Patrols! Crags and…

How does work?

Bedrock AI Addon makes many changes to the Vanilla gameplay. We try to change the game for the better with the help of this addon. Many ideas taken from Minecraft Feedback Site.

Creator_marcjones_ (Twitter Account)

FeedbackNetOneXTeam (report bugs here) 

Community: Discord Server

Illusioners are mysterious creatures. They may accidentally appear near you!
Pirates is carefree inhabitants of the jungle. They have their own parrots and a sword (bow)!
Pirate patrols are dangerous and merciless. They appear in the jungle and run to the nearest village. 
Killer Bunnies spawn in the swamps. At night the Killer Rabbit eyes glow. They attack wolf, fox and players!
Lying and sitting skeletons naturally spawn in the world. You can see them in mesa, desert, savanna, jungle, dark forest and ocean. They can be killed with a bow or crossbow and sometimes get gold nuggets. Each skeleton has its own history…
To find a lying skeletons, you must go on a traveling at night. They are very rare!
River turtles are the same as sea turtles. They spawn in Rivers, Swamps and Land of Lakes. They are very cute!
Owls are night mobs! They spawned in Land of Lakes and Taiga. They attack rabbits and players.
Land of Lakes is a new biome covered with birch, spruce, sweet berries, mushrooms, reeds, water lilies and water. Owls, cod and animals spawn there. There are no monsters!
The player can see stars, moon and sun underwater. Only Minecraft: Java Edition players have this opportunity, but not Minecraft Bedrock players. This addon fixed this.
Crag is a new biome covered with Mossy Stone and Gravel. This is a very high terrain. Sheep spawn there. Also in the Crags you can find emeralds. Rare.
Vanilla Swamps are now more dangerous and alive. There are many acacias and vines. At night, you can see the Drowneds and Killer Bunnies there.
Sweep Attack particles will appear when you attack with a sword with a shield.
Improved interface. Perhaps you still do not like the interface added to Better Together Update. This addon makes improvements UI forward the better.
Sounds of an underwater ambience. Take a dip under the water!


In order to summoned new mobs you need to enter the command:
Killer Bunny:
  • /summon rabbit ~ ~ ~ SpawnType:Caerbannog
Zombie Giant:
  • /summon bedrockai:giant ~ ~ ~
  • /summon bedrockai:owl ~ ~ ~
River turtle:
  • /summon bedrockai:river_turtle ~ ~ ~
Mesa Zombie:
  • /summon bedrockai:mesa_zombie ~ ~ ~ 
Lying Skeletons:
  • /summon bedrockai:skeleton_lying_pose_1 ~ ~ ~
  • /summon bedrockai:skeleton_sit_pose_1 ~ ~ ~
  • /summon bedrockai:skeleton_sit_pose_2 ~ ~ ~
Horse skulls:
  • /summon bedrockai:horse_skull_v1 ~ ~ ~
  • /summon bedrockai:horse_skull_v2 ~ ~ ~
  •  /summon bedrockai:pirate ~ ~ ~
Pirate Captain:
  •  /summon bedrockai:pirate ~ ~ ~ minecraft:spawn_for_raid
  • /summon bedrockai:illusioner ~ ~ ~
Illusioner Captain:
  • /summon bedrockai:illusioner ~ ~ ~ minecraft:spawn_for_raid
Pirate Patrols:
  • /summon bedrockai:pirate_patrols ~ ~ ~
Some graphics components may adversely affect weak devices.

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Update v1.1.3, August 10, 2019


• updated pause screen

• bug fixes and improvements


• Download Bedrock AI Add-On on your device

• Select up a resource pack (Bedrock AI Resources) and behavior pack (Bedrock AI Behavior) when creating the world

• Enable the experimental gameplay

• Good luck!


Supported Minecraft versions


Posted : 12/08/2019 5:37 pm