Minecraft Earth New Update & Christmas Mob

18th December 2019
Minecraft News
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With Minecraft Earth having it’s worldwide launch last week, this week we are given the first major update for the game. Although most changes are to focus on stability and bug fixes they did manage to sneak in a mob for the festive period. While you’re out exploring you can find the Jolly Llama! this mob will only be around for the Christmas period so get your snow shoes on and get hunting.

Minecraft Earth Patch Notes

New stuff (and some changes) coming your way on Minecraft Earth!

Minecraft Earth R9 Patch Notes


  • Get to know your way around with the new Build Mode tutorial – much easier than putting together furniture IRL! 
  • Improved speed of sign-in and app resume speeds by up to 50% on all platforms because loading screens are only cute the first 5 times you see them. 
  • Free stuff! Players are now gifted starting items the first time they enter Build Mode. 
  • Location reporting now has comment box for specifying detailed reasons like “busy road,” “water feature,” and “super haunted, abandon hope ye who Adventure here.” 
  • Layout of your profile and Buildplates has been updated – spiffy! 
  • Not such a tough row to hoe – farming in Buildplates now requires tools for harvesting. 
  • We added more Adventures for you to explore. ALGEBRAIC!  


  • Lofi Beats to Mine and Craft To: Buildplates build and play mode added Vanilla ambient music. 


  • Jolly Llama can eat ferns covered in snow because we don’t have iceberg lettuce in the game. 

Multiple major bug fixes, including: 

  • Game crashes 
  • Sign-in issues 
  • Some smelting bugs 
  • Lots of other stuff that you didn’t even know needed fixin’ 

Minecraft Earth R8 Patch Notes

  • General
    • Added new hostile mob tracker for Adventures
    • Added notifications for complete but not collected challenges
    • Mooblooms now look correct when sheared for their buttercups
    • Added smelting intensity animations
  • Audio:
    • Updated audio in various parts of the game
  • Blocks:
    • Added support for many new blocks and items which will be coming soon:
      • snowball, bone, rotten flesh, gunpowder, raw salmon, food and nature items, acacia blocks
    • Added recipes for:
      • polished granite, andesite, diorite, and lapis blocks
  • Weapons/Tools
    • Improved Diamond Tool and Weapon damage.
    • Improved Iron Tool and Weapon damage
    • Improved effectiveness for using right tool on corresponding blocks
      • (ex: Shovel on dirt)
    • Decreased effectiveness of wrong tool on corresponding blocks
      • (ex: Sword on dirt)
  • Bugs:
    • 77 bug fixes! Including:
      • Cluckshrooms no longer drown when entering water
      • fix for salmon – they no longer disappear when put on buildplates
      • Locked crafting/smelting slot bug – Players that had all of their crafting/smelting slots locked should see this resolved in R8

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